Franchise Business Consultants in New York

Franchise business consultants in New York lead the way to business ownership – at no cost to you

So you’ve got thoughts and dreams in your head about owning a business in New York? Congratulations on seeing a franchise as a vehicle of reaching such a goal. The sound investment of a franchise is a clear and proven path to a successful business.

So many life stories find inspiration

People look into franchises from many different stages of life:

A young and ambitious entrepreneur is ready to take her life by the horns and skip the traditional path of expectations. Her drive and ambition can overcome any assumptions about her youth. She is prepared to do work hard and tirelessly to draw a path to success, and a franchise is a perfect resource for her to draw on their successful experience.

A young professional with a great job but a wish for more in life wishes to leave his corporate career and try running a business and build a different future. He has obligations, though, to his family, loans, and the American Dream that he cannot allow to lapse. To keep everything stable, he is cautious about the idea of walking away, so he compromises and starts a semi-absentee franchise. This franchise requires minimal effort while he continues with his everyday job for a while. If all goes as he hopes, he can expand his business and build his way out of his corporate career.

A veteran comes home from years of deployment, trying to figure out his next step in life once the reunions and backyard welcome home celebrations wrap up. He has managed to save much of his earnings over the years he spent overseas. There are so many options for this vet, and he heard about a program that helps vets get into franchises. Now – how to get started?

A displaced worker or mother is looking to return to the workforce. This fresh start has her ready for a career change since she has to start over anyway. She dreams of creating a life that she won’t ever be caught off guard about again. A franchise opportunity provides a solid foundation to create a new career and future for her family.

A retiree doesn’t quite feel finished just yet. He has concerns that his retirement income may keep him financially limited in his golden years. He wants to grow his nest egg even more and make room to enjoy financial freedom and have fun during retirement. A semi-absentee franchise is an answer to provide additional income with a minimum amount of work.

Whatever the story your life writes, there is a franchise opportunity to partner with your desire. The most encouraging detail about franchise opportunities is that no experience is necessary. Part of making their franchisees successful for a franchisor is to train the franchisee in every aspect of the business, from general operations of the front-line employees to the accounting in the back office. It is in their best interest and critical focus to make success a reality for you and your business. Hundred Acre Consulting is a franchise consultant in New York and is a crucial resource to that winning equation to you, compliments of the franchisor companies.

A professional franchise consultant in New York offers hopeful candidates a wealth of information about the franchise industry as well as specific franchise industries and opportunities. The franchise consultant in New York saves time for his clients by helping with the legwork required for finding those rock-solid opportunities that meet your ideal criteria and are available in your desired New York market.

It all starts with a dream

How do you envision your future? Do you have a specific business in mind, or do you seek a particular lifestyle? A franchise consultant in New York starts working with you with an initial interview to gain insight into your experiences, strengths, goals, investment range, target market, and more. The franchise consultant in New York next researches and identifies the perfect franchises for you to consider based on that interview and assists you by researching these opportunities to assist in narrowing down your list that will fulfill each of your goals. Whether you wish to work more and enjoy the fruits of your labor or work as little as 7 hours a week with a semi-absentee franchise and enjoy a residual income your franchise consultant in New York has ideas. It starts with defining your goals, and your franchise consultant in New York is there to help you fill in those blanks.

The next step in the process is exploring those available opportunities that match your desires. You soon learn that there are so many choices, but where do you even start? Consider the franchise consultant in New York to be your information resource, tour guide, and concierge to success when it comes to investing in a franchise.


When you are ready to take the next step and give serious consideration to a couple of franchises, your franchise consultant in New York will facilitate the introduction between you and the franchisor. They then remain by your side to guide you through the entire process. Even if it takes a few introductions before you make your selection of the perfect business to purchase, your franchise consultant in New York will continue facilitating introductions until you find your ideal match. 


Your franchise consultant in New York helps you navigate through the funding process. Funding organizations have varied requirements when it comes to the down payment and liquid asset requirements, and your franchise consultant in New York is there to help and provide those answers. Your franchise consultant in New York knows about special interest finance programs such as those designated to help Veterans achieve business ownership or the Small Business Association as a couple of examples. They can assist with the required paperwork and guide you in gaining additional documentation requests to secure funding. A franchise consultant in New York can even help with negotiations, saving you thousands of dollars on initial fees.

Investing in America

A franchise consultant in New York can help in ways that extend farther than imagined. For instance, if you plan to immigrate to the United States and invest in the U.S. economy and your future, your franchise consultant in New York can guide the way to help you navigate through the E2 or EB5 investment visa programs.

Those other details

Your franchise consultant in New York remains a resource for you each step of the way from your exploration to the opening day ribbon cutting. If you have a question or need support, they are ready to give the answers you seek.

Why a franchise consultant in New York?

Franchise consultants in New York are not a requirement when it comes to exploring franchise opportunities. It would be foolish, however, not to take advantage of such a gift. We say gift because franchise consultants in Ne York like Hundred Acre Consulting are paid by the franchising companies as a resource to aspiring franchisees for the many steps necessary, from selecting your business match, through the lawyers and financers, right to the successful end. If you’ve never acquired a company before, you need support, such as a franchise consultant in New York at your side. They are making sure everything is aligned, and all steps completed. Hundred Acre Consulting is honored to be a part of this process, enjoying the rewarding work with each franchisee. Hundred Acre Consulting gets their satisfaction in being part of a successful process making dreams come true.