Franchise Consulting Atlanta

Owning a franchise is a great choice for your career and comes with many opportunities and advantages. Owning a franchise gives you the chance to be your boss and the opportunity to run a business without coming up with the business plan on your own. Owning a franchise is not as easy as people think. There are a lot of things that need to be taken into consideration before buying a franchise, and the buying process itself has many hurdles a franchisee needs to overcome. With the help of a franchise consultant, you can overcome the hurtles without struggle or the stress many franchisee’s face. Daniel Hayes is the CEO of Hundred Acre Consulting, a Franchise Consultant in Atlanta.

About Hundred Acre Consulting

Hundred Acre Consulting offers services that are simple, personal and tailored to fit your needs. Hundred Acre Consulting has a portfolio of over 500 franchises available in 21 different industries. Many people come to a consultant with a franchise in mind that they think they want to get into. However, many people do not understand that working with a franchise is a selection process. Not only do you, as a franchise, must like and agree with the business and its rules and regulations, but they must like you too. A franchise selects its franchisee’s by selecting someone whose beliefs and business structure aligns with the organizations. Hundred Acre Consulting will help conduct the necessary research to determine which franchise is best suited for you.

Our approach to the franchise business is simple. Your first meeting with Hundred Acre Consulting will be an initial interview. The point of the interview is to understand your background and experience, your strengths and weaknesses, your investment range and who you expect your target market to be. Hundred Acre wants to have a clear understanding of you and your goals to help you determine the best franchise for you. Once we narrow down the searches of the franchisees, we will facilitate the introduction. Hundred Acre will stand by your side throughout the entire process and help you find the correct questions to ask.

Hundred Acre Consulting works with a variety of skilled individuals. Some individuals that I have worked with have owned many franchises on their own; others are brand new to the industry and do not know where to begin. Some of the people I have worked with have dreamed of becoming a franchise owner, some wanted a new career path, and others have wanted a lifestyle change. Whatever the reason for your interest in franchise consulting, Hundred Acre Consulting will help you determine your goals and accomplish them.

Franchise Consulting Atlanta

Services Hundred Acre Consulting Offers

For the person that is taking their first step into owning a franchise, the support of a franchise consultant is crucial. Owning a franchise requires legal and financial assistance and a consultant will guide you to the best. From my 30 years of business experience, I learned the stronger your team, the better your decisions and investments will be. The industry and be intimidating, and stress will pressure you to make decisions. Without careful consideration, you can go down a dangerous path for your new business, and Hundred Acre wants to keep you on the best path, guiding you in the right direction every step of the way. Buying a franchise and then the process of opening the business requires a lot of time, which a lot of new business owners fail to realize. A business consultant can take a lot of this time off your hands by doing the research and giving you advice on the next steps to take.

It is no surprise that buying a franchise gets expensive. Franchisees are under the impression that they already have enough cost and a franchise consultant is an extra cost they do not need. This is far from the truth. In fact, working with a franchise consultant will save you money. Without the guidance of a franchise consultant, you can easily make the mistake of forking out unnecessary initial fees. We will also work to assist you in your negotiations, ultimately saving you thousands of dollars.

The mission of Hundred Acre Consulting is to build community and economic growth. Dan is passionate about his job because he gets to build relationships with new business owners and help them to achieve their dreams. Hundred Acre Consulting will help you put together a strategic plan to set your business up for success.

Owning A Franchise

There are endless opportunities in the franchise industry and many great advantages. However, people do not do proper research. Proper, thorough research is key, and failure to do so or improper research can lead to many big issues down the road, costing you and your business money. Many people get into the franchise industry without truly understanding the startup and ongoing costs. A lot of people think that once they are a franchise owner, they are their boss and can buy their own rules. This is not the case in the franchise industry. Hundred Acre Consulting will do this research for you, making sure you agree and understand the franchise’s rules and regulations. We will work together to make sure the startup and ongoing fees are made clear in the beginning and put together a finance plan.

Hundred Acre Consulting can also guide you through the resale process. Building a business from the ground up requires time, money, and lots of responsibility. Many times, there are franchises already built that are for sale. We will help you determine if it is a good investment or not. If it is, and the purchase is made, we will guide you through the resale process, and the steps to take once the business is yours.

Interested in working with a franchise consultant in the Atlanta area? Atlanta is booming with business and now is a great time to get involved in the industry. Not sure where to begin? Call Hundred Acre Consulting and we would be happy to do an initial interview to determine if the franchise business is really for you.