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Why laundromats are the perfect semi-absentee franchise opportunity

Enjoy a steady income

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you live. Clean clothes are a necessity of modern living. The quest for clean clothes is independent of the state of the economy. When you own a laundry business, you will get a steady flow of regular customers every week.

Easy to run with minimal labor costs

With well-maintained equipment, a laundromat practically runs itself. You can get along fine with an attendee to monitor to customer issues and keep up with light janitorial work like a clean restroom, clear lint traps, and the occasional mopping. Other than that, your tasks are minimal. You need only to make sure your equipment is in tip-top shape, collect money, and stock vending machines if you have them (and you should). Some commercial laundry machines operate exclusively with debit and credit cards, making it unnecessary even to carry quarters! To make it even sweeter, many laundry and vending machines utilize apps for payment. Your customers need only to bring a basket and a cell phone.

Inventory is optional

The laundry franchise itself requires power and water, and your customers bring the rest of their materials with them, so you have no inventory requirements at all if you don’t want them.

That being said, I mentioned vending machines up above. They are an optional side hustle to your laundry franchise and unaffiliated to your franchise agreement. This detail means that you owe no royalties for this income. You’ve got folks cornered in your building doing their laundry for a couple of hours. They’ll appreciate access to some snacks as they wait. The other opportunity comes with providing laundry soap and fabric softener through a vending machine, which is also a lucrative option.

Perfect semi-absentee flexibility

Because your laundry franchise practically runs itself, you can leave your store unstaffed most of the time, leaving you an extraordinary amount of time to yourself. You can even oversee much of the operations remotely! You can come in (or hire someone) to be on-call for a couple of hours a day to make sure the place is clean and tidy.

Hybrid opportunities

With the idea of customers being captive for a couple of hours, some take the side-hustle an extra step and combine business ideas. College towns are exceptionally responsive to laundry cafes and pubs. Imagine the motto – “Come for laundry, stay for dinner and drinks.” There’s significant opportunity in the right location with hybrid laundry businesses.

Offer a little extra

Clean clothes are indeed a priority, but not everyone has time to do laundry. Many laundromat owners can increase profits by offering the service of doing people’s laundry for them. We’re not talking anything serious, just a wash and fold. It’s a great way to keep a paid attendee busy and productive while they are there.

Did someone say franchise?

Of course, we did! With as many laundromats that come and go across the country as there are, there are only a few franchises. These do exceptionally well, and like other franchises, provide you a roadmap to success with their proven business models. Are you ready to learn more? Let’s talk! As a franchise consultant, I’ll be your complimentary concierge throughout the entire process.

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