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4 Benefits of Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Franchising

Within the past year, the e-commerce industry has grown exponentially. Of course, this leaves potential investors wondering, is it still worth it to invest in a traditional brick-and-mortar franchise? The answer is yes. Brick-and-mortar franchising has distinct advantages that online franchise opportunities will never be capable of offering. Owning a conventional storefront allows you to service your customers in real-time and build a personal relationship that keeps them coming back.

Even with online shopping, providing your customers with a fun, in-person shopping experience will always be in demand. If you’re looking at franchises for sale, it’s still worth considering the traditional route before hopping on the e-commerce bandwagon. Specifically, here are four benefits of brick-and-mortar franchising.


1. People Want to See Products in Person 

For customers, the most significant appeal of a brick-and-mortar franchise is their ability to see a product in person before completing their purchase. Your customers won’t feel duped or misled before purchasing because they can confirm the look and quality and possibly even test the product.

With online franchises, no matter how high-quality the pictures or how many the reviews, there’s always a chance that a customer could receive an item that isn’t what they expect. It’s no wonder that 87% of consumers want to see a product in person before they swipe their credit card.


2. Appeal to the Need for Instant Gratification

Simply put, people want what they want, and they want it now. Even online stores that offer same-day delivery cannot compete with consumers’ need to choose their exact product and have it in hand at the precise moment they paid for it. Brick-and-mortar franchises allow customers to bring home a product immediately, knowing first-hand that it isn’t damaged or incorrect.

It might seem like e-commerce has taken over. But the bottom line is that 49% of consumers still choose brick-and-mortar stores because they want to take home their products immediately. As a bonus, pursuing a traditional franchise business means you won’t need to be concerned about shipping and all it entails.


3. The Benefit of Human Connection in Customer Service

The truth is, an online franchise can’t offer the same level of human connection that in-person customer service entails. While quality products are essential, exceptional customer service inspires customers to return to a place of business. A top-notch sales associate can recommend products based on their expertise and help customers find the perfect product to meet their needs. 30% of consumers state that personalized treatment is the key to an excellent customer experience. Brick-and-mortar franchising offers the unique opportunity to build a loyal customer base from a genuine human connection.


4. Consumers Want a Hassle-Free Return Process

Even when customers think they’ve chosen the perfect product, they could always change their minds. But online returns can be frustrating, and customers want the process to be quick and easy.

Compared to most online businesses, brick-and-mortar franchises can offer a hassle-free return experience. Customers can drop in at their convenience to discuss the reason for their return, with sales associates available to answer their questions immediately. Once customers return an item, they’ll leave your franchise satisfied, without concern about packing slips or shipping costs. This satisfaction means customer retention and positive word of mouth, which can help expand your client base and lead to a flourishing franchise.


Hundred Acre Consulting

E-commerce certainly has its advantages, but an online franchise isn’t the only worthwhile option. If you’re interested in running a traditional brick-and-mortar franchise, Hundred Acre Consulting can help. Our experts match you with franchise opportunities that are the best fit for you based on your skill set and interests. From there, we’ll guide you through the process of managing your franchise effectively.

If you’re ready to explore your options with a franchise consultant, contact us today, and let’s get started!


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