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6 Best Franchise Industries for 2021

Whether you’re one of the many entrepreneurs considering joining a franchise family or a franchisor keeping tabs on industry trends, you should check out our predictions for the best franchise industries for 2021.



Restaurant/Fast Food

In early 2020 restaurants faced a lot of uncertainty. Still, many food franchises have been among the shortlist of best franchise industries and have seen record numbers. Those franchises that have incorporated no contact or curbside delivery into their business model have seen especially high growth numbers. An additional reason to consider food franchising is that restaurants are being sold for much cheaper prices this year, and interest rates are at an all-time low making rent payments even cheaper, depending on your city. Plus, there are opportunities galore!


Auto Repair

Despite the current state of the world, one of the few things people will always need is an auto repair shop. Auto repair is virtually recession and pandemic proof. Even amidst shutdowns, repair shops were listed as an essential business, and they will continue to be one of the best franchise industries going into 2021. Great examples of auto-repair franchises include Midas and windshield repair companies like Glass Doctor.



For many students, moving to virtual learning meant losing that special one-on-one time they often get in the classroom. Parents searching for ways to get proper education for their children created an increased demand for academic help, solidifying tutoring, daycare, and after school services as a top franchise industry. Because of the world’s current state, we will likely see a continued need for well-known tutoring franchises like Kumon and Tutor Doctor.



Healthcare is another franchise industry that has dramatically shifted gears because of the pandemic. Businesses were looking for a digital solution for employees to remain safe while providing healthcare to those in need. CNBC estimated that telehealth would host more than 1 billion healthcare interactions in 2020 alone. Telehealth makes our list of best franchise industries because of how vital it is to our society and overall welfare and is a way for entrepreneurs who love to help others to do well for themselves.


Courier and Local Delivery Services

We’ve all become more reliant on delivery services throughout the pandemic. No contact food delivery and online shopping have served as a much-needed comfort and a great alternative when trying to social distance during the respective statewide stay-at-home orders. This franchise industry is essential and will continue to be in 2021; in fact, we predict that entrepreneurs will not only join services like Instacart and UberEats, but they will invest in their own versions like the UPS Store and becoming an Amazon delivery partner.


Commercial Cleaning Services

One of the biggest financial benefactors of the post-COVID world is cleaning services. As students return to school and adults to office workspaces, there will be an increased need for professional cleaning services to ensure that they are as safe as possible. Pre-COVID-19 commercial cleaning services were already one of the best franchise industries, grossing $117 billion in 2019. It’s a choice industry because commercial cleaning companies are a low-risk business that requires little investment on the front end.



Hundred Acre Consulting

Although the franchise industry offers many lucrative franchise industry options, it’s essential to find one that benefits you and aligns with your interests, goals, and values. The money will come, but your happiness and being a fit for your lifestyle and portfolio should be your primary focus. If you’re looking for the right franchise opportunity for you, Hundred Acre Consulting can help you find the perfect one.


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