6 reasons to use a franchise consultant before making an investment
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6 reasons to use a franchise consultant before making an investment

As you start thinking seriously about investing in a franchise opportunity, the knee-jerk reaction might be looking around your community for franchise businesses. The next step might be a broad google search for “franchise businesses” to see what kind of hits you find.

What’s wrong with this process?

When you seek franchises that are already in your community, you force yourself to open shop in another town, which is okay if that was your intention. It also opens you up to fierce competition from the start. Worse yet, you might miss a prime up and coming franchise that singles itself from the crowd.

Starting a search on your own, you jump right into a recruiting sales funnel before you get a chance to compare other opportunities available and might be a better fit.

Why a franchise consultant?

A franchise consultant’s first focus is you, which is exactly what you need as you jump into this unfamiliar way of doing business before anyone tries to sell you anything. Here are some specific reasons that using a franchise consultant is a wise choice before investing.

1.      Lifestyle considerations

Your franchise consultant considers your lifestyle desires. What kind of lifestyle would you like while owning a franchise business? He has inside knowledge of what life would be like as a franchisee and help paint a picture of what that looks like for you and your family.

2.      Finances

Another significant factor is finances. Your franchise consultant helps you determine your financial qualification based on available liquid funds, credit opportunities, and obligations as a franchisee. He also knows about the small business programs, grants, and loans available to aspiring franchisees. Your franchise consultant provides a cost-benefit analysis of potential franchise opportunities and can help you develop a financial plan for reaching your long-term financial goals with franchising.

3.      Personality

Of course, personality comes into play when considering investing in a franchise! Your franchise consultant works with you to find franchise opportunities that best fit your business personality. He wants you to love your franchise business.

4.      Get real

A franchise consultant helps you understand the advantages (and disadvantages) of owning your franchise business, in general, and specific to many business models. He will help you find that best fit for your business personality, lifestyle, and financial goals.

5.      Research

Part of finding that perfect fit is through analysis of available opportunities. Your franchise consultant helps you research the franchise opportunities based on your interests and goals. He will acquire the facts and figures to aid in your decision.

6.      Guidance

The most significant advantage to a franchise consultant is their guidance and experience through the entire process. He guides you through each step of the discovery process to select your perfect match and remain at your side through the whole purchase process. 

Hundred Acre Consulting – in your corner.

No question is unanswered, and no detail unrevealed with a franchise consultant in your corner. As a franchise consultant, I bring value to my clients by making their franchise investment a positive experience as I guide them through the process of becoming a franchisee. Did I mention that my services are free to franchisees? New experiences are always best with someone to guide the way. Contact me, and let’s get started. I can’t wait to show you what your future holds!

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