Alternative Energy Opportunities in the Green Business Movement
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Alternative Energy Opportunities in the Green Business Movement

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Our next stop in the tour of franchise opportunities in the Green Business movement is that of Alternative Energy. Some embrace it for ecological responsibility to reduce their footprint, while others deem it as a means of being independent of municipal utilities. The topic of alternative energy was once such a niche market. Today it has been gaining in popularity more and more. Whatever the reason, there is a market for specialists in the alternative energy field. With a need comes opportunity, and others before us have paved the way to success in this field.

It became popular with the off-grid movement, years ago. You might see a homestead in a remote location, so remote that getting power is either impossible or incredibly expensive by way of municipal utilities. These homesteaders may enjoy living in a remote locale but many do not wish to live primitively. They learned to utilize alternative sources of power to provide them the modern conveniences they desired without the cost or dependence on public utilities. This technology can ultimately replace all that the municipal utilities provide, and they have control over what they want to invest. They can provide part of their needs and supplement or compromise elsewhere. Some build on their systems as they go, adding more as the need and finances dictate. Whichever the motivator (green in environment or green in cash), their quest was a successful one.

Mainstream demand

Flash forward to present times, where our homesteaders are still thriving, especially as costs of this technology have reduced. In addition to that, popularity has now spread across the mainstream communities, from subdivisions to commercial. As energy costs continue to rise, many will actively seek out a means to minimize dependence on utilities and stabilize power costs.

Both the local and national level of government are supporting environmentally friendly businesses with incentives. At, you can research state by state, the incentives for buying green products and opening green businesses.


With obvious advantages in cost, karma and customer gratitude, green and sustainable business is booming, and green franchises have been no exception to this movement. This field is environmentally sound, environmentally friendly and all-around feel-good, which is no doubt why this is a hot opportunity right now.


What’s in it for you?

These businesses all produce incomes between the low six-figures and mid-six-figures, and most can be acquired between $50,000 and $300,000. Once you know your budget, it is easy to explore this many-faceted emerald industry.

There are several different paths to explore when we talk about alternative energy franchises. We have over 150 different business models across 21 (yes, twenty-one!) different industries for you to choose from here at Hundred Acre Consulting. I’m sure you will find your perfect fit, and we will be there to guide you through every step along the way.



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