Build a business of nurturing with Senior Care
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Build a business of nurturing with Senior Care

Lucrative, scalable, BOOMING

Senior care is a lucrative business that is scalable and booming. Let’s face it, aging happens, and it doesn’t stop. As many as 12,000 people turn 65 each day in the U.S., and modern medicine enabling them to thrive longer than ever before. Wherever you live in the U.S., you will find clientele of seniors to serve. The senior industry boasts 30,000 qualified seniors in every territory. That’s “anywhere,” but if you live in a locale with a mild climate with a large population of retirees, your opportunities and options are even more abundant.

A business of giving back

With the extended health our seniors enjoy today, many still have specific needs that they cannot manage on their own. Some require more detailed and expanded assistance. Many of these particular needs differ from the local younger population, so locating resources can become a challenge. These examples are what developed the business models specializing in senior needs from the beginning.

The levels of need have many variables depending on the physical and mental capacities of your client. This variance in need provides an equal variation of business opportunities. Some clients need assistance with their basic needs and care, while others require medical assistance in addition to their daily needs. Then there are what we call the “young at heart”. These seniors are interested in coming together and are looking for someone to help plan and facilitate social outings and experiences to keep them feeling young.

Joys of giving back

If you are seeking opportunities around the joy of giving back to others, senior care may be a pleasant and personally rewarding business opportunity. From Placement Services to non-medical Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), to skilled nursing, the franchise industry has many opportunities in senior care that you probably never considered. When you open a business in senior care, you provide care and compassion, but consider what you and your employees receive from them:

  • Appreciation
  • Shared nuggets of wisdom
  • Perfected patience and perseverance
  • Amazing stories
  • Hilarious wit and humor
  • Brilliant puns
  • Rare and fading skills and knowledge of yesteryear
  • History through their eyes

No, it’s not always rosy, but as you hear the life stories of generations past, it reminds you how much you are in the right place to give back for the contributions our seniors have provided toward all that we have today.

Abundant success

Did I mention lucrative? It doesn’t take a lofty portfolio to taste success in this industry. With as few as 25 clients, a single office can yield $1 million in annual revenue with a net of 19% – 35%. If you like the idea of giving back to those who gave so much, then we need to talk! Quick – write down as many senior care services as you can right now. Have them handy when we speak, and I’ll bet you I can find you a few you haven’t thought of, yet. Hundred Acre Consulting is there to help you through every step of acquiring your franchise business.

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