Business Coaching: your success through the success of others.
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Business Coaching: your success through the success of others.

I just love a feel-good enterprise idea, and this franchise business opportunity does not disappoint. From hunter-gathering tribes of yore to today’s 21st century twitterpated techno-world, humans have relied on the sage advice of the “wise-ones” to teach, train, and advance civilization. Those with the knowledge and expertise to help others as mentors will never go out of vogue – we need them to teach us how to be better at what we do.

Wisdom by any other name

Today we call these wise ones coaches and they help us in every aspect of our lives. There’s a coach for everything from relationships, weight loss, exercise, spirituality, to job and business improvement. For over a quarter of a century, coaching as a profession has been steadily growing to where it is today – a healthy $9.9 billion a year industry.

Hop on and hold onto the fast track

Hands down, the greatest market share in this industry is Business Coaching. Business coaching is the second fastest growing profession behind IT in America. According to John Bowen, co-founder of BSW Inner Circle, one out of six Executives are turning to business coaches to become more professionally capable.

Forbes says business coaching as an educational process that significantly enhances the economic achievement of individuals – especially entrepreneurs, helping substantially grow their businesses. That definition works for me and if you are a person who is comfortable speaking to business owners, teaching local community leaders and positively influencing those who can make a difference, then this field as a career will work for you.

Opportunities abound

It is estimated by the International Coach Federation that there are currently 53,300 business coaches worldwide. Think about that – I read an article last month in USA Today that said that there are 53,000 more people working this tourist season in Myrtle Beach; 53,000 is not a lot.

In truth, this field is wide open and steadily growing and very lucrative, with average coaching salaries of $398 per hour for Executive Coaches and $235 – $335 per hour for Business Coaches. Once you have established results in your coaching, you can move up to $600 per hour and get it. On the whole, the average business coach gross income is over $170,000 per year and with one of the franchises I offer, their FDD shows their Top Coach gross income average at over $1.16 million per year. These home-based businesses have minimal employees, very low overhead, and offer a work-life balance that few other industries can.

I’ve heard it said that learning as a capability must evolve and it has to be accessible, agile and flexible. This is what Business Coaching is all about; an educational process which holds small to medium business owners to the task, helping them become personally responsible & accountable for what they want, through a variety of proven processes and techniques.

So, what’s involved?

For you, becoming a successful business coach is easier than you may think and a lot less expensive than most people believe. Using proven methodologies, these franchises offer comprehensive “turnkey” business solutions that are accompanied by full-service training and mentorship. This structure ensures that franchisees receive exceptional training, support and the resources needed to be successful.

If you are looking for a career change, Business Coaching may be your answer. Not only will you reap the financial rewards of owning your own franchise opportunity, but you will also finally experience that true work-life balance you have been looking for and be a valuable contributor to your business community.

Want to learn more?

With 12 different models to choose from in my portfolio and start-up cost for most less than $57,000 all-in, you can be well on the way to opening your own business in a matter of weeks and not months.

These businesses are SBA approved and offer incentives for Veterans. So what are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s explore your future life!

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