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    3 Small Business Resources for Franchisees

    Many aspiring business owners are drawn towards franchise ownership due to the increased odds of success. After all, franchises have the benefit of providing franchisees with specialized support, a well-known brand name, and an established system of conducting business. However, running a successful franchise still comes with challenges — and many new franchisees don’t realize that there are additional resources…

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    3 Reasons to Choose a Franchise as Your First Business Venture

    If you’re ready to take the leap and become a business owner, consider franchise ownership as a viable business venture. While startups may sound appealing, they simply don’t compare to the success rate of franchising. In addition, franchisors offer marketing services and ongoing support within an established business model. Due to this, franchise businesses have a 90% higher success rate…

  • avoid saturation by franchising with a smaller company
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    Why It Can Pay to Franchise with a Smaller Company

    Interested in franchising? You may be wondering whether to open a branch of a well-known mega-brand or a smaller company. When most people are ready to invest in a franchise, they do so for the benefit of working with a well-known brand name. Owning a franchise allows franchisees to experience the upsides of running their own business with a decreased…

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    How to Get Started in Franchise Development — 3 Paths Forward

    Imagine owning your own business. Think of the perks of being your own boss, creating your own schedule, and enjoying a certain degree of agency over not only your fiscal wellbeing but your lifestyle, as well.  Does this seem impossible? A pipe dream? Think it’s “something for other people, but not me?”   Consider Franchise Development At first, owning and…

  • 4 Questions to Ask Your New Franchisor
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    4 Questions to Ask Your New Franchisor

    If you’ve decided to begin your entrepreneurial journey by becoming a franchisee, your head is likely swimming with questions about your potential business and what it will entail. Franchises offer some advantages over starting a new business, and one of those is having a franchisor. Unlike an unproven business, franchises come with established and proven business models as well as…

  • Franchise Financing 101: How to Fund Your Business
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    Franchise Financing 101: How to Fund Your Business

    Dreaming of your own business? Finding the proper franchise is often the fun part — imagining yourself at the helm of different endeavors and enjoying the excitement of leaping into a new industry. But the financing and logistics of bringing your vision to life can be tedious. You must account for every detail possible. If you’re struggling to discern which…

  • what is a franchise? franchise definition
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    What Is a Franchise?

    If you’re interested in becoming your own boss, you may have wondered whether it would be best to develop a startup or invest in an existing franchise. But what is a franchise, exactly? Essentially, a franchise is when a company (franchisor) grants an individual (franchisee) the right to operate a branch of their business. This permission is granted in a…