Foodservice franchises: more than just fast food
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Foodservice franchises: more than just fast food

The first thing you think of with the word “franchise” is fast food, and that is reinforced further when I next say “foodservice franchises.” Before you shy away, there are significant profits to be made with these delicious niche examples!

Micro-winery franchise

How about a hip, urban micro-winery that doesn’t require you to grow one grape?

Many aren’t even aware of the existence of micro-wineries, and they are a hit wherever they land in the next urban populated area. Not only will you be the next big thing in town, but you’re saving many people the expense of a trip to Napa by bringing the winery to the people.

The Winery & Bistro outsources the growing of grapes to a global network of growers. They provide what’s called “grape-must,” known to us simpletons as crushed grapes. As a franchisee, you will learn how to become an independent producer of wine. As you are learning, the franchiser furnishes you with finished wine so you can get your business up and running.

You will learn how to make the popular varieties and special brews that are unique to your franchise, like Peach Apricot Chardonnay or Cranberry Malbec. Your little business will be the talk of the town when you feature the next new wine.

The opportunities for this franchise do not stop at delicious wine. You can expand your operation to provide bistro-style food like appetizers and desserts to pair with the wine. Other successful enhancements of this business include custom labeling, wine club, bottling experience, private events, and wholesale sales.

Space requirement is minimal. Some have had great success with as little as 2500 square feet, and gross profit margins on the wine produced from this SBA approved franchise are above 80%.

Casual/healthy dining

With so many Americans looking for healthy alternatives to fast food, yet still not wanting to do all of the cooking themselves, healthy venues are becoming increasingly popular. This segment sits at the height of the fast-casual food-trend and has shown over 500% growth in the United States.

Poké (POH-kay) IS the next big thing making a splash with American dining. Poké is a Hawaiian raw-food specialty that hit the mainland U.S. like a tidal wave over the last six years. Poké topped America’s trending food list for favorite eats, for four years running. With the freshest vegetables and Asian-inspired flavors, what’s not to love?

The kids will love the idea that some selections come on a stick.  Healthy eating on a stick! How do you get your little ones to eat healthily? Put it all on a stick!! 

This is a highly affordable business with low startup costs and an extremely high-profit margin. In fact, per quarter, their stores average 30-40% net profit, which is almost unheard of in the entire industry. The buildout is almost a shop-in-a-box, with an average start to finish of 120 -140 days to a turn-key Grand Opening.

This is just a sample of available hot franchises

There are plenty more that break the mold when we talk about food service franchises. Having a franchise consultant in your corner when exploring and acquiring a franchise helps to ensure you find your perfect match and enjoy a smooth experience through the entire process. Let’s get started! Hundred Acre Consulting can get you on your way.

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