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3 Best Franchise Businesses for Creatives

Creatives often shy away from franchise opportunities, assuming that these businesses will limit their ability to explore new ideas and express themselves. At a glance, this concern seems valid since franchisors are known to have strict policies and procedures. These stringent regulations determine elements like the internal workings of the franchise and how it should go about marketing.

But contrary to popular opinion, your creative spirit can become your greatest asset for running a successful franchise. Your ability to think outside the box to solve problems and approach business from an open-minded angle can ensure that your franchise stands out from the rest. In addition, there are plenty of franchise opportunities that will support your artistic mindset.

A qualified franchise consultant can help you find the best franchise to suit your personality and goals. For example, here are a few of the best franchises for creatives to get your wheels turning.


Fully Promoted

In the marketing industry, creativity is critical to inventing ways to connect with your audience. People who are business-minded and artistic are the perfect fit for a marketing company. Consider opening a marketing franchise like Fully Promoted to put your creativity to work. Plus, the promotional products industry is currently valued at $15.6 billion, so there are plenty of opportunities for creative investors.

Fully Promoted has established its reputation as a one-stop shop for various promotional products, branded items, and event marketing. The company provides franchisees with training and support throughout every stage of development. When owning a Fully Promoted franchise, you’ll also benefit from regional support staff, technical assistance, and online support.



If you’re a crafty person who’s passionate about creating art, why not make it your full-time business? Running an art studio is a great way to flex your artistic muscles while inspiring others to do the same. Adults and children are increasingly eager to express themselves, which has led the craft industry to grow by 45% in less than ten years.

Pinspiration is a great choice for potential investors who have a passion for crafting and love to connect with their community. If you’ve always dreamed of running a DIY craft space where people from all walks of life can get in touch with their creative side, Pinspiration is for you.

Art franchisors will assist you in creating a stimulating ambiance and providing patrons with unique crafting tools. In particular, Pinspiration provides startup and ongoing training, a step-by-step launching protocol, and nationwide marketing, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.


Urban Air Adventure Park

Creatives often thrive on the energy that comes with entertaining others. Consider running an entertainment franchise to capitalize on providing customers with memorable experiences. People are more eager than ever to get out of the house and have fun with the entire family, and franchises like Urban Air Adventure Park are here to meet their needs.

Urban Air Adventure Park has been in business since 2011 and is expanding rapidly. Families across the nation can’t wait to experience the variety of activities that Urban Air Adventure Park offers. Not to be confused with a simple trampoline park, this franchise offers plenty of fun for the whole family with indoor skydiving, laser tag, bumper tag, an arcade, and more. Have a little fun and get creative by investing in an Urban Air Adventure Park.


100 Acre Consulting

You don’t need to let the rules and regulations that come with owning a franchise hinder your artistic flair. If you’re interested in owning a franchise that suits your inventive nature, Hundred Acre Consulting can help. Our experts match you with opportunities that best fit you based on your skillset and interests, including the best franchise businesses for creatives. From there, we’ll guide you through the process of managing your franchise effectively.

If you’re ready to explore your options with a franchise consultant, contact us today, and let’s get started!


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