Franchise opportunities for our Veterans
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Franchise opportunities for our Veterans

Please allow me to paint a scenario to you about a young Veteran returning home after multiple deployments in the middle east. He left soon after graduating high school, with that familiar call to service that many of our beloved soldiers have. He has grown and seen so much that many of us will never experience.

The homecoming

When our soldier returns home four, six, eight years later, the first two months are wonderful. He gets to see his friends and there are backyard barbeques nearly every weekend to celebrate his homecoming. Everyone is coming around to visit!

Our soldier didn’t spend very much on himself in the desert, so he’s got a good amount of funds waiting for him, too. He bought himself a car and the latest video game system right away and is just enjoying himself for this short time without having any obligations. That decompression time is so important to transition to civilian life.

Next step – normalcy

Fast-forward a few months more, and his friends are once again back to their normal routines, busy with their lives and careers. This means that hanging out just isn’t as frequent and our young veteran is wondering what is next in his life. College is an option, as is tech school or re-enlistment, but very few consider opening a business. What do they know about business anyway? It’s a fleeting thought at the very least, gone as soon as it comes. Few know how potentially REAL entrepreneurship can be for them. They are in the perfect transition in life to start a new business with the right guidance.

Becoming an entrepreneur

This is where the value comes in with a franchise opportunity – a proven model of success with a defined path. Depending on the business itself, that Veteran might very well have the capital required to open their franchise, or at the very least the down payment. In my own portfolio of over 500 franchise options, 364 of them are VetFran participants. Click this link to do a little dream-shopping and see for yourself what your future might hold.

Franchisors believe that veterans make for great franchisees for several reasons. Many of the factors that made veterans excel within the military environment make them ideal for franchisees. The world of franchising represents a marriage between the self-start world of entrepreneurship and the rigorous discipline needed to follow a set of instructions and execute on a proven plan. The ideal franchisee is someone who can take direction and work within guidelines provided by the franchisor, but who can also effectively lead a team and get things done. – Franchise Help

We are at your service

At Hundred Acre Consulting, we help Vets discover their new path to owning their own business and take a special joy helping them realize that reality. If you are a Vet or know one coming home or at that stage of figuring out their next path, send them our way to show them some options they may not even know are already within their reach.

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