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Green is the New Black

The last couple of emails have focused on the health & wellness industry and just to tie them into this, guess what has helped push the organic food revolution and the way the fast-casual franchise restaurants gear their menus? Right, fitness and people wanting to be generally healthier. Fitness is a green business ally, and it’s just the beginning. In tribute to this trend, I will dedicate the next few blogs to some specific businesses with this in mind.

The days of ignoring pollution are over. In fact, polluting the environment is never going to be alright again. Green America and EcoVentures International, along with the Association for Enterprise Opportunity, released a report recently, showing that small businesses that offer “green” services or products are more likely to succeed than small businesses that do not.



The report underlined that the more environmentally friendly the business, the more money that it is likely to make. The impression that green business expresses to the public:

  • Social and environmental responsibility
  • Care for workers
  • Protection to customers and clients
  • Improvement to communities

With values like this – who wouldn’t want to do business with them?


The other thing you should know is how “sustainability” in a business has become a selling point.

According to magazine, consumers are willing to pay extra for sustainable goods. In fact, a study of Millennials (those born between 1977 and 1995) show that 73 percent are willing to spend more on products they see as environmentally friendly.

A recent survey found that 88% of Americans believe taking care of the earth is very important and most people are more open to using environmentally less destructive products – especially if they are as easy to find and use as other products.

Walk into any Whole Foods or similar store that focuses on fresh, organic, non-GMO groceries, and you’ll see a first-hand example.

In the franchise industry, there are a variety of ways to take advantage of the green business movement.

  • Organic foods and farming
  • Alternative energy
  • Eco-friendly soaps and personal care products

That’s the list of items you would expect when we pair it with the buzzword of “green,” but it doesn’t stop there. In addition to those business types, I’ll raise you some common, almost random examples, like car washes and maid services that use eco-friendly soaps, green dog grooming, auto care and dozens of concepts in between.

Franchises using all-natural and biodegradable products that are as effective as traditional products attract discerning consumers while reducing their environmental impact. These companies are in a great position to steal market share from their less environmentally conscious competitors.

It doesn’t stop at natural and organic. Another angle of eco-friendly is with sustainable business types such as recycling or upcycling, bringing new life to things otherwise discarded.


Green is the new black

Do we have your imagination spinning?

Take that next step and contact us to match that green franchise to your passion. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many options are waiting for you to select.

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