Help yourself to a business that helps others with a Staffing franchise
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Help yourself to a business that helps others with a Staffing franchise

The right business at the right time

Imagine professional match-making as a franchise operation. With today’s booming economy, finding the perfect employee is easier said than done, and many corporations are turning to staffing professionals to assist with that search. Talk about a win-win! If you’ve spent some time in your career already networking and making connections, this would be an easy slam dunk. Even if you haven’t, all you need is a nose for opportunity for yourself and others with a sprinkling of personality to make those valuable business connections.

The Staffing industry is the most scalable professional Business-to-Business (B2B) service operating in America. We are talking about a profession that generates $161 billion per year and is one of the top ten fastest-growing industries in the U.S. In today’s economy, your connections and influence are what makes the difference.

Giving back

Who doesn’t love a business that gives back to their community? Staffing is a feel-good operation making love connections between employee and employer. Your business clients appreciate your nose for finding quality talent. Job seekers appreciate your inside look for their next opportunity. Some corporations even prefer to keep their recruiting off-site, trusting all of their staffing needs to a professional organization – YOUR organization.

Opportunities abound

An average staffing territory boasts 8000+ businesses. Now, what exactly does that mean to you? That means there is a great enough need from businesses to distribute between several staffing companies…and they do. As a job opportunity provider, it only takes 50 full-time placed clients for a single office to produce $1 million per year of revenue. The average income for a mature office is $5.15 million. A target of only 50 clients is entirely achievable! Did you want more? There’s plenty more for those who want it. The average net off of that given revenue is 15% – 23% for the owner. So what if you had 100 clients? 200…how ambitious are you? It doesn’t take complicated math to determine how this adds up to a high return on your investment. The Staffing industry offers owners mid-six-figure incomes from a single territory.


Choose your mode of operation from hands-on with your direct interaction to semi-absentee with your own cracker-jack team of specialists; the choice is yours. You can be as big as you want to be, whether you are looking for rapid growth or a comfortable hum of business interactions. Your opportunities will match the ambition and drive to make those relationships.

Your location of the business is another place of flexibility with staffing franchises. These franchises can run out of your home or a small office. You, as the owner have the choice of running the business or managing the manager conducting operations for you. The majority of interactions are by phone or internet. You or your associates may go out and visit clients, schmoozing and lunching. Depending on your clientele, you may have little or no foot traffic into an office. It depends on your local industry of focus.

Your staffing business provides your community with a stream of full-time and part-time resources to clients of all sizes. You will bring temporary, flexible, evaluation hire, direct hire, professional/contract staffing, and HR Business Solutions. As an owner, you can elect to specialize in specific niches such as General Staffing, IT, Medical, Hospitality, or other specialized staffing needs.

Strong net revenues, full training, and ongoing support are included when investing in a franchise. Imagine a playbook getting you to your goal of success. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how this picture of success looks like with your face in the middle.


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