How to make the most of your semi-absentee franchise business
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How to make the most of your semi-absentee franchise business

Semi-absentee franchise businesses are exciting and attractive opportunities because of the freedom they promise to the franchisee. Imagine the thought of enjoying more time to yourself or even keeping a full-time job as your wealth builds! Want more growth? You have options! You can add more to your original semi-absentee franchise or branch out and diversify altogether with something new. That’s what we call FREEDOM! So, what’s your plan?


While franchise businesses carry the lowest risk when it comes to going into business for yourself, there are no absolutes. Even with a semi-absentee franchise business, there is still some organization and effort required on your end to keep your business thriving. Here are some recommendations for building and maintaining your successful semi-absentee franchise business.

Have a plan

If you are working with a franchise consultant, they can help you with a plan to get you from the very start to the launch of your new business. From there, many franchises provide excellent planning suggestions for semi-absentee franchisees to develop a cadence of tasks to keep the business running smoothly.

If you notice some ambiguity to the plan suggested by your franchisor or even if you are winging it on your own, make a plan one of your first strategic business steps before you begin your entrepreneurial journey.

Keep organized

Organization, in reality, is (or should be) part of your plan at the onset. It’s the organization that will keep you on task and current on “everything.” A calendar as part of your daily routine is an excellent component of this organization and an essential tool in staying organized.

Here’s a tip: start by listing out the activities for a given month, then break down each task into manageable chunks and work each task into time slots in your calendar for the month you’re planning. This exercise helps get your head wrapped into a routine while ensuring you have time to complete all your work. Lastly, use the monthly view to plan forward while using the weekly and daily calendars to master the minutia.  

Have a wingman

There will come a time where you realize that you cannot do it all. It may be due to the incredible growth of your semi-absentee franchise business. It may be because you need to step away on occasion, whether planned or unexpected. You want to have a wingman who can take over the operations of your semi-absentee franchise, so your customer base continues to grow. Depending on the business type, this wingman may be an employee, a partner, or a friend that, with a little instruction, can keep the wheels turning in your absence. This safety net will provide you peace of mind when you need to step away.

Have an expert guide in your corner

Hundred Acre Consulting is your ace in the hole when it comes to acquiring the perfect semi-absentee franchise business. I will spend time with you first to match you up with the ideal semi-absentee franchise that pairs with your lifestyle and goals. Next, I am your guide through every step of the acquisition process, from making introductions, finance, legal, all the way to your launch. Let’s talk and see what 2020 has in store for your future.

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  • Alan Simpson

    I’d like to learn about semi-absentee options. I’m in the commercial real estate business today, but want to think about increasing my long term flexibility.

    I am already familiar with Salons by JC and Image Studios 360.

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