How to Market Your Franchise
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How to Market Your Franchise

Picture this: you’re the owner of a great franchise. You have a great business model and offer a fantastic product, but you’re wondering how to market your franchise. This is a common struggle for many franchise owners, who want to reach a greater audience, but aren’t sure just how.

Marketing your franchise has many benefits, with the most favored being brand awareness and gaining more customers and potential franchisees. Below, we touch on a few ways to market your franchise and get your creative juices flowing. And if the ideas don’t come, please reach out to our team at Hundred Acre Consulting and we can help.



Get Social

One of the newer marketing tools on our list, social media has quickly grown into one of the most impactful ways to market your franchise. Using social media as marketing is one of the easiest ways to attract and engage with customers and future franchisees. It allows you to showcase your personality and create a voice — as long as it aligns with your brand standards. Your quick and witty responses to comments and questions, coupled with the content you post, can further market your business. This can lead to the best kind of marketing: word of mouth.


Direct Mail

When someone mentions direct mail, our minds immediately go to postcards and flyers in mailboxes. While the traditional definition of direct mail is still a useful tool to market your franchise, especially when trying to reach a local audience, there are digital alternatives that are just as engaging.

In the internet age, direct mail also applies to e-newsletters, drip email campaigns, and other opt-in methods. What makes this strategy so impactful is that it allows you to reach multiple audiences: the tech-savvy and those who prefer to discover businesses the old-fashioned way.


Promote with Public Relations

PR is perhaps the most underused channel in marketing, but it’s an excellent way to market your franchise. It’s all in networking. There are several innovative ways that you can use PR to build brand awareness, including press releases, press kits, and partnering with other local businesses to spread the word about your business. Not only will customers take notice of your engagement efforts, but you may appeal to potential franchisees, resulting in them expressing interest in joining your brand.


Dabble in SEO

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a marketing tool that can be used for lead generation. It’s also an effective way to market your franchise and promote brand awareness. Eighty percent of consumers search for a local business on their phones, and if used correctly, your franchise can be one of the results that pop up when they turn to Google for answers.

The key to getting customers and potential franchisees to come to you is using appropriate and trending keywords on your website. It boosts your ranking on search engine results pages and attracts local leads who otherwise wouldn’t know you exist.



Hundred Acre Consulting

Finding ways to market your franchise can be a challenge, but it’s an excellent opportunity to use your creativity to make your brand stand out above all others. We hope our tips inspire you to think outside the box and brainstorm ways to market your franchise. If you need guidance, Hundred Acre Consulting can help. Our team can help connect franchisees and franchises or consult you on all your franchise needs.

Are you interested in working with us or learning the full extent of our services? Contact our team, and let’s chat!