Let’s Talk About Kids! Exploring Youth-Focused Franchises
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Let’s Talk About Kids! Exploring Youth-Focused Franchises

Lately, we have been having fun with food, fitness, wine, and even senior care, and you can read more about each of these here on the Helpful Articles page. In today’s offering, we’re going to talk about kids and explore a little of the industry that serves them.

Since the first baby born, parents have tried to make it a little easier for their offspring to survive in this world. The wish of every parent is to give their children a head-start on life. With this, they can be successful as an adult. Today, this desire seems to begin in the womb and runs from preschool through senior year.

Preparing them for the future

Parents everywhere want their kids to do well in school; that’s a given. They understand how competitive it has become to get their child into a good college. America’s franchise industry understands this as well. That’s why there is a multitude of supplemental education franchises that teach everything from math and reading to foreign languages and SAT prep. Those determined to have even more influence on children’s educational lives need to look no further than at what preschool opportunities offer.

These franchises are not only having a positive impact on the children but are also having a positive impact on the economy. Pre-school franchises are a thriving segment of the market.

Preschool and beyond

Child services is a $50 billion a year industry in this country. But if you think that it’s simply pre-school education and after-school programs, think again.

In today’s market, physical fitness is as important as mental prowess. There’s a scope of business models geared towards children in the franchise industry. There are Art Education models, Cooking Programs, Newborn Care, Music Education, Adventure Centers, and Swim Schools. These are all available for you to bring into your community.

Entrepreneur magazine has noted the increased demand for children’s services franchises.

In its latest annual Franchise 500 ranking, children’s services were listed as one of the top five fastest-growing franchise sectors.

Making a difference

Research shows that entrepreneurs are now looking for more meaningful franchise opportunities, including early education and care schools. According to Forbes magazine, 88 percent of millennials are seeking work with a greater purpose. More than 4.5 million people ages 50 to 70 have left their first career for an “encore career” in a business that combines personal and social impact with continued income.

And if that wasn’t enough to spark your interest in exploring this industry, how about this? According to the latest U.S. Census report, there are approximately 25 million preschool-aged children in the U.S.  IBISWorld, indicates the $50 billion child care industry will continue to grow as disposable income increases for parents and guardians – allowing families to spend more on high-value services such as early education.

So many opportunities. Let’s explore!

There are thirty-six different child services models in my portfolio. They range in total cost from $10,000, for an early learning business, to $3.7 million for a trampoline park. And you don’t need a teaching background to own and operate one. If you like kids, have good business sense and want to contribute to education in your community, one of these franchises may be right for you. It is a feel-good business personally, and everybody likes those who offer ways to help their children advance!

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