Picking the right salon franchise for you
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Picking the right salon franchise for you

When we talk about salon franchises, the first thought is hair. While there are plenty of hair salon franchises that we can help with, there are also many other opportunities available surrounding the topic of health and beauty. With a reliable team in place, many can also be semi-absentee franchises.

One thing for sure is that beauty businesses never go out of style. Are you ready to explore?

Hair salons

Everyone loves a good hair salon, and as a franchisee, you’ll never be without the right talented resources. Finding talent is never a problem with hair salons. From strictly haircuts to full-service salons, a good business model that is lucrative to your staff as well as yourself will keep your most talented professionals in-house and your base of customers growing.

A hair salon is often a great starting point and leaves room to add additional services for continued growth and revenue opportunities. In addition to getting customers in chairs, selling haircare products is another great revenue stream for these businesses. As a franchisee, these salons have the potential to be run as semi-absentee or full absentee franchises with a strong manager in place to take care of the details.

Nail salons

Nail services make great franchises because they are an inexpensive indulgence to start, but a great manicurist is also a great salesperson for upselling their customers from a simple manicure to a full set of acrylics and artistry upcharges.

Unless you go for a full line of massage chairs, startup equipment can potentially be one of the lower costs in comparison to other franchise businesses.

Add to your salon a line of related retail products. Things like nail charms, filing boards and polishes that are difficult to find locally will delight your customers who like to experiment on their own after learning the techniques from your manicure artisans.

Eye salons

Eyelash salons are some of the fastest-growing segments in our line of beauty salons at the moment. Who knew that care, grooming, and now eyelash extensions would spin off into such a niche? It’s exciting to see what they will come up with next, and how that might benefit the future of this franchise market.

Eyebrow salons are another booming business, from threading to microblading, all in the name of the perfect face-framing. You may also find both of these salon services combining their efforts, too.

Your friendly franchise consultant can help

Beauty franchises are a 70 billion dollar industry, and one of the fastest-growing segments right now is eyelashes. Concerned about coming from a non-beauty background? Don’t be. Approximately 90% of the franchisees in the hair industry business are not even hairstylists themselves. An appreciation for the craft and the talent associated has probably already fired up your passion to explore franchise business opportunities in this industry. As your franchise business consultant, we are here to help you find that perfect match for your goals.

Another benefit? Most franchisees keep their current job while running the franchise as these businesses are designed for the owner to hire a manager to oversee the day-to-day operations. Let’s talk, and we’ll share a few more fun facts.

We at Hundred Acre Consulting have 22 different franchise models that service hair care, nails, spa, skin, and eyelashes. These franchise opportunities range in cost from $139,000 to $600,000, with most available for less than $250,000. Once we get started together, your business franchise consultant will walk you through every step along the way, and act as the expert in your corner. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today – we’re ready, too!

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