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Giving back, another business model.

Looking to own a business that’s lucrative, scalable, and booming?

Look no further than today’s Senior Care Industry.
With 12,000 people turning 65 every day and living longer than ever, this industry boasts 30,000 qualified seniors in every territory. If you live in a locale with a large population of retirees, that could make an even larger abundance of opportunity and options.

Those in their golden years start to develop very specific needs. Some of those needs are separate from the younger population, so finding resources may become challenging. That is how business models specializing in Senior needs took off in the first place.

A vast customer base such as this needs support and why not you? There are so many different angles to explore, too. Some need assistance with basic needs and care, while others need more specific medical care. Add to those examples the others just want to get together and have fun with people their own age. You’d better bet that there a business for all of that, too. From Placement Services to non-medical Activities of Daily Living (ADLs), to skilled nursing, the franchise industry has many opportunities in Senior Care that you probably never thought of. Add to that the joy of giving back to others, and why not consider this as an option?

With as few as 25 clients, a single office can produce $1 million in yearly revenue, with a 19% – 35% net. Want to learn how you can become part of this rewarding, profitable, and thriving industry?

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