Staffing your franchise: How to hire [2020]

Staffing your franchise: How to hire [2020]

One of the best perks about owning a franchise is you are finally on the other side of the interview process. No longer do you have to stress over an interview because you’re the boss doing the hiring! As great as this perk is, it’s not always easy. 

The key to a successful franchise is having a strong team to work with, which means you have to interview and hire the right people. For several franchise owners, this is the first time they are on the other side of the hiring process. This might be the very first round of interviews for you. So, how do you hire the best candidates? Here are some things that can help:

Write Detailed Job Descriptions

The very first step to getting the right people in the door is to write detailed job descriptions. The more detailed you are in the description, the more likely you’ll interview candidates that are similar to what you are looking for, so the recruitment process goes smoothly. 

Conduct Drug Testing

Drug and alcohol abuse costs U.S. businesses billions of dollars each year. As an employer, you have a right to require a drug test prior to employment. Keeping your workplace clear from drugs and alcohol is important for many reasons but most importantly, it reduces turnover rates, reduces unexcused absences, keeps your team productive, and reduces accidents and employee compensation claims. Not only does a drug free workplace reduce the headaches you have but it will positively contribute to your bottom line. 

Conduct Personality Tests

People interview differently and sometimes they might not perform their best in an interview because of intimidation. Personality tests are an additional way to find great candidates and it might give you more insight to a candidates personality and capability. Personality tests also allow you to identify individuals who may excel at certain jobs.

A popular tool franchisee’s use for personality tests is Crystal Knows. Crystal uses personality Artificial Intelligence to accurately identify anyone’s behavioral patterns by analyzing text samples, assessment responses, and other attributes. 

Hundred Acre Consulting: Helping you build a strong team

At Hundred Acre Consulting, we know that hiring the right employees for your franchise seems like it’s easier said than done. That is why we are here to help you by providing you with the tools and information you need to make the right hiring decisions. 

When it comes to hiring candidates for your business, this is a step you shouldn’t fall short on. Doing it the right way the first time around will set your business up for success. Are you ready to build a power team? Let’s talk!

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