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3 Surprising Businesses that Made the Franchise 500

There are tens of thousands of franchises for aspiring investors to choose from, including the standouts from the Franchise 500 list. At Hundred Acre Consulting, our mission is to help you find exactly the right franchise that works with your unique goals as you pursue a better life for yourself and your community. But how can we be so confident that we’re the right partner for that mission? 

Because we do everything and anything we can to stay up to date on how the business landscape is transforming. We’re always watching. We’re always learning. And we’re bringing you advice built from experience as we see how the major players achieve their goals. 

Of course, sometimes we witness an incredible Cinderella story that helps us learn brand new lessons in business. For example, here are a few of the most surprising businesses that made the “Franchise 500” list, and the cues we can take from them in our own entrepreneurial endeavors.


What Is the Franchise 500 List?

One of the most valuable resources available to keep an eye on market trends is the venerable “Franchise 500” list put out annually by Entrepreneur. As one of the most prominent business journals available, Entrepreneur is a guiding beacon in the ever-changing business world — and their Franchise 500 list helps us better understand what kinds of opportunities are on the docket for our clients and partners seeking similar change in their own lives.

The Franchise 500 list presents an accessible ranking system of franchises that have evolved, grown, and profited over the previous year, as well as those new franchises that are only now breaking into the public arena. This ranking system is based on the “five pillars” of the Franchise 500: costs & fees, size & growth, support, brand strength, and financial strength & stability.


Franchise Opportunities Where You Wouldn’t Expect Them

Despite the massively disruptive (and sadly, for some, devastating) year we all endured during 2020, Entrepreneur was still determined to put out the 42nd Franchise 500 list in 2021. And perhaps because of such a serious shift in the market, it includes a few surprising franchise brands that have certainly piqued our curiosity.

1. F45 Training

First on our list of surprising companies that appeared on the Franchise 500 is F45 Training. Founded in 2011, F45 Training has been franchising for nearly a decade, and even with its modestly-sized HQ staff of only 122, it has successfully spread to an incredible 1,555 locations nationwide.

If you’re intrigued by the potential of a fitness-based franchise, now is an excellent time to consider investing. The pandemic kept many of us trapped at home, consuming calories without having the chance to burn them up. Now, that’s led to an entire populace itching to get back outside, back in shape, and back to the gym. A fitness studio like F45 can be just the answer for these awaiting customers, making it a great choice for your franchise investment.

2. Nothing Bundt Cakes

Then again, as vital as it is to stay fit, we can’t help but smile widely (and hungrily!) at our next surprise from the Franchise 500: Nothing Bundt Cakes. 

Founded in 1997 and franchising since 2006, Nothing Bundt has nearly doubled its number of locations from 2018, standing today at 400 stores. Clearly, there’s a ready and waiting market that’s happy to accommodate this growing business model. And if that’s not enough for you, we’ll let you in on the real reason we chose them for this list: we love their name, and so will your satisfied customers!

3. UPS

Finally, coming in for the bronze on the Franchise 500 — that’s right, the #3 company on Entrepreneur’s vaunted list — is UPS

Hey, just because we’re all finding ourselves engaging more and more online, there are still many situations that require the support of the United Postal Service. Whether you’re mailing a gift to a distant loved one or just returning that ill-fitting sweater to Amazon, email or social media won’t always do! 

And in those cases when you need your message or package delivered on time, guaranteed, and safely, there’s one particularly popular place to go: your local UPS Store. Turns out, this pack-and-ship legend is a perfect addition to the portfolio of any enterprising franchisor seeking out a new opportunity.


Franchising with Hundred Acre

Of course, these three fun and unique opportunities are just the tip of the iceberg. From the Franchise 500 and beyond, there are thousands more exciting franchises waiting to be explored.

Seeking out other helpful tips on franchises that may be right for you? Contact Hundred Acre today, and we’ll make sure — like our friends at UPS — to deliver, rain or shine!



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