• first business venture
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    3 Reasons to Choose a Franchise as Your First Business Venture

    If you’re ready to take the leap and become a business owner, consider franchise ownership as a viable business venture. While startups may sound appealing, they simply don’t compare to the success rate of franchising. In addition, franchisors offer marketing services and ongoing support within an established business model. Due to this, franchise businesses have a 90% higher success rate…

  • veteran business owner
    Franchise Exploration,  Veterans

    3 Franchises Perfect for a Veteran Business Owner

    As stated by the U.S. Small Business Administration, about a quarter of ex-service members are interested in becoming a veteran business owner. For these entrepreneurial spirits, franchising is a perfect option.  Franchises allow veterans the opportunity to own a business with the benefits of an established brand name and guidance throughout the process. Furthermore, veteran business owners are likely to…

  • avoid saturation by franchising with a smaller company
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    Why It Can Pay to Franchise with a Smaller Company

    Interested in franchising? You may be wondering whether to open a branch of a well-known mega-brand or a smaller company. When most people are ready to invest in a franchise, they do so for the benefit of working with a well-known brand name. Owning a franchise allows franchisees to experience the upsides of running their own business with a decreased…

  • 3 Tips for Franchise Marketing

    3 Tips for Franchise Marketing

    When most people become franchise owners, one of the prime benefits they anticipate is conducting business under an established brand name. While this is certainly true, you will still need to develop a thorough and brand-consistent marketing strategy for your franchise. Although you don’t need to be a marketing expert, you will need to understand the marketing basics as a…

  • franchises for sale
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    Should You Start a New Business or Choose a Franchise for Sale?

    Anyone considering becoming a business owner must ask themselves whether it’s in their best interest to start a new company or find a franchise for sale. While investing in an established franchise sounds like the perfect option, it does not guarantee success. You may also consider starting your own business as an alternative, but they are even more likely to…

  • what risks come with owning a franchise
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    What Risks Come with Owning a Franchise?

    Often, when potential investors are considering which franchise opportunity is best for them, they only think about the unlimited earning potential that comes with owning a franchise. However, there is no reward without risk. Franchisees must weigh the potential challenges they may face and be prepared to meet them head-on. One way to prepare is by meeting with a knowledgeable…

  • kayak rentals are one of the best seasonal franchises
    Franchise Exploration

    The Best Seasonal Franchises to Invest in This Summer

    While everybody else is relaxing and partying this summer, you could be making extra income with the right seasonal franchise. For some franchises, the best time to start building your clientele is during the summer because they are only profitable when it’s hot outside. Each franchise has different start-up requirements, but there’s a lot more to choosing the right franchise…