your first year as a franchise owner

3 Things You Need to Do in Your First Year as a Franchise Owner

You’ve finally signed the paperwork, and you’re officially a franchise owner. Or perhaps, you’re still in the process of discussing franchise opportunities with a franchise consultant. Either way, you should know that your first year in business as a franchise owner won’t be easy. Franchisors might try to tell you that it’s smooth sailing in the beginning, but the first year of franchise ownership is generally the most difficult. It will take time for you to grow a consistent customer base, the work hours will be long, and retaining staff will be challenging.

Nothing good comes easy, and growing a profitable franchise is no exception. All of your hard work will pay off in the long run. To speed up your dash to success, keep these must-do things in mind as you get ready to enter your first year of franchise ownership.


1. Develop a Thriving Customer Base

As a new franchisee, you might expect customers to begin pouring in on opening day, but establishing a loyal, steady customer base can take effort. A franchise comes equipped with brand equity from the franchise name and proven business model, making it a more reliable choice than an independent startup. But you will still need to establish an effective marketing strategy to reach your target audience. 

Get creative with your marketing techniques and find new ways to attract customers. If you’re struggling with the marketing side of your new franchise, get in touch with your franchisor or other franchisees in your network. Their advice can help you create a marketing strategy that suits your business.


2. Be Willing to Work Long Hours

The idea of franchise ownership entices many people because the most challenging parts of starting the business are already taken care of. Franchisors have done the heavy lifting that comes with building a brand and developing systems of operation. In addition, owning a franchise provides franchisees with a business name that carries brand recognition. However, you can still expect long days that may stretch into nighttime, especially in your first year of operations. 

The first year of franchise ownership can be difficult, but don’t give up! A little extra elbow grease now will allow you to step back later when your franchise starts running like a well-oiled machine. Until then, establishing a lucrative franchise and building your brand takes daily dedication.


3. Learn How to Choose and Retain Quality Staff

Building a reliable team that will support you is one of the primary challenges franchisees face in their first year of franchise ownership. While you may think that you’re fully staffed and ready to go, the truth is that most of your employees won’t last more than six months. Especially in your franchise’s first year, you will be in a constant state of interviewing and hiring new team members.

A good franchisor can explain the best tactics to retain employees. However, in the early stages, most franchisors focus more on teaching systems of operation, hiring employees, and marketing. For extra insight, develop relationships with franchisees who have been in business for a long time and ask for advice. In time, you’ll learn how to create a dynamic atmosphere with loyal employees.


100 Acre Consulting

Owning a franchise can be challenging, especially at the beginning of your journey as a franchise owner. It might be overwhelming at first, but trust that the process will get easier as time goes on.

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