Top 3 easiest semi-absentee franchises to own
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Top 3 easiest semi-absentee franchises to own

We’ve been talking a lot about semi-absentee franchises lately. If you’re wondering why, it’s because the semi-absentee franchise presents the lowest risk to those looking for a change.

The semi-absentee model enables you to dip your toe into the idea of running a business without turning away from your primary source of income. These types of franchises are also attractive for those looking to slow down their mainstream life and still enjoy some income.

Whichever description identifies you, adopting a franchise opportunity gives you a leg up with your launch instead of starting from scratch as an unknown. Now, let’s explore some of the easiest semi-absentee franchises to own.

Vending franchises

These franchises have evolved beyond a soda machine at a popular thirsty spot. In fact, they don’t even have to dispense edible products. Think necessary supplies at the right spot where the public realizes they need something.

You can own one machine or an entire territory. Your amount of effort depends on the number of transactions at each of your locations and keeping them well supplied. More activity means more visits, which also means more money.

Developer models

The next step is an area developer model of a franchise. As an area developer, you own several franchise licenses to sell in a predetermined territory. These opportunities combine the knowledge of operations with savvy sales and marketing. The defined territory is broken down into smaller territories capable of supporting a single franchise unit. In return, you earn a percentage of the franchise fee and a piece of their action annually as residual income. Area developer opportunities aren’t as frequent, but we at Hundred Acre Consulting can show you some excellent opportunities that we know.

Laundry franchises

Laundry franchises are like a vending operation where your customers make their purchases autonomously, but it’s on a much larger scale. With well-maintained and dependable laundry equipment, a laundromat can practically run itself. Some machines work with credit and debit cards, negating the need to handle cash at all. A side-hustle to a laundry franchise is adding vending machines for snacks and laundry supplies, such as detergent and fabric softener.

Hair Salons

Salons are a very recent opportunity we shared last month with Picking the Right Salon Franchise For You.  What makes a salon semi-absentee is that most of the professional staff handle their own transactions when they serve a client. If you have an open layout, there is always someone within eyeshot to give your customers a warm greeting when they arrive. Signing in is standard practice, so customers know just what to do when they see that sign-in sheet at the desk. Add a strong salon manager for the fine details, and your need to be on-site practically diminishes, except for some face-time with your team for morale and special meetings.

What are you waiting for?

These are just a few semi-absentee franchises that are easy to run so you can spend your time on other things, be it work or leisure. We have 235 semi-absentee franchise opportunities to share with you, so there’s sure to be something for everyone. Semi-absentee franchise businesses can be purchased for as little as $40,000 to as much as $3 million. Are you ready to learn what life as a franchisee has in store for you? Contact us, and let’s start sculpting the lifestyle you wish to enjoy.

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