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Unique Franchise Opportunities for Every Personality

When most people consider the franchise opportunities available to them, the first thing they imagine is a generic Dunkin’ Donuts or Subway. While those options may be the best for some entrepreneurs, others might prefer to own something with a bit of personality. If you’re a member of the latter group, it’s recommended that you meet with an experienced franchise consultant who can help you find the perfect franchise that matches your interests and goals. 

There are franchise opportunities for potential franchisees of every personality type and from all walks of life. The possibilities are endless! Here are a few unique franchise opportunities for people who think outside the box.



Crime and the mess that comes with it is an unfortunate part of life. Thankfully, as an owner of a Bio-One franchise, you can help bring back a sense of normalcy in the wake of a criminal incident. Bio-One is currently the top crime and trauma scene clean-up franchise in the country. It is also one of the entries in the Franchise 500 list for 2021, and with good reason. Bio-One is a low-cost franchise opportunity that provides professional training and a support team to guide entrepreneurs through each step of their franchising journey. 

Crime scene clean-up requires a highly specialized skillset. If you’re interested in owning a franchise that makes the world a better place, consider Bio-One as one of your prime options.


Beef Jerky Outlet

If you’re an adventurous omnivore, we’ve got the perfect franchise for you. The Beef Jerky Outlet is a specialty store that sells more than 200 different types of beef jerky. This franchise has every kind of beef jerky you can imagine, including unique options like alligator, venison, elk, and even kangaroo. They also feature exciting flavors like Bloody Mary, Cherry Maple, Tennessee Moonshine, and more.

The outlet also has a “try before you buy” policy, meaning that customers can taste as many samples as they please until they find their favorite flavor. Like Bio-One, the Beef Jerky Outlet is a low-cost franchise that offers a team to support you at the beginning of your franchising journey. They also offer a fast-track program for veterans. So, if you’re a budding beef jerky connoisseur, this is the franchise for you!


The Spice and Tea Exchange

If you’re not sure about dedicating yourself to cured meats, here’s another franchise option for discerning palates. The Spice and Tea Exchange began as a single, small store based out of St. Augustine, Florida, in 2008. Throughout the past 13 years, The Spice and Tea Exchange has grown into a nationwide franchise. At each location, you’ll find an assortment of exotic spices, teas, and candles, including products like Mocha Truffle Coffee Leaf Tea and their Chai-Mazing Spice Blend.

The Spice and Tea Exchange can attribute much of its success to smart strategy, opening stores in areas with a high number of tourists. The brand has more than 50 franchise locations across the country, all featuring 140 spices, 30 rare tea blends, gourmet gifts, and salts from around the globe. Anyone who loves to cook and experience exotic flavors would be well-suited to The Spice and Tea Exchange family.


Hundred Acre Consulting

In the wide world of franchising, there are unique franchise opportunities to suit any personality type. You just need to know what to look for! If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your options, work with a franchise consultant who knows the ins and outs of the industry.

At Hundred Acre Consulting, we have more than 25 years of experience in franchise consulting. Our expertise and connections can guide you in the best direction for your lucrative franchise investment. 

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