What does a franchise consultant really do?
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What does a franchise consultant really do?

Once you start looking at the idea of franchising seriously, especially if you are already on the Hundred Acre Consulting site, you may find yourself wondering first, what exactly does a franchise consultant do? Second, you may be wondering if you need one or if utilizing one is worth it? I’m so glad you asked because we have your answers!

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First of all, a professional franchise consultant brings their franchise candidates a wealth of both general and inside information about the franchise industry and opportunities. Franchise consultants save their clients time by assisting with much of the legwork required in identifying opportunities that meet your criteria in your desired market.

It all starts with a dream

How do you envision your new business? Do you have a particular type of company in mind or just a lifestyle you wish to achieve? A franchise consultant starts with an initial interview to get to know one another. The goal of the franchise consultant is to learn about your experiences, strengths, and goals. They will next assess your investment range, target market, and more. Your franchise consultant then identifies the ideal franchises for you to consider according to what he learns about you. He next assists you in researching these opportunities to help you narrow down your list. In summary, once your dream is defined, your franchise consultant helps you fill in the blanks.

Making introductions

When you have your shortlist of opportunities defined and are ready to take a serious look at any franchise, your franchise consultant facilitates the introductions and remains your partner through the entire process. It may take several introductions before you find that perfect match, and that’s okay.

Show me the money: funding

Once you find your perfect match in a franchise, the next step is to obtain financing. Your franchise consultant helps navigate through that process, with much insight to share. Franchisor requirements vary when it comes to the down payment and available assets, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Your franchise consultant has those answers for you (or knows exactly where to get them). Your franchise consultant will also make you aware of any special interest finance programs you may qualify to take advantage of, such as programs designated for Veterans or the Small Business Association, to name a couple. You are not left alone to swim through the paperwork either. Your franchise consultant can help you with paperwork and guide you to any additional documentation required. A franchise consultant can even assist you with negotiations, and save you thousands of dollars on initial fees.

Assistance with visas

A franchise consultant’s helping hand extends to future American citizens, as well. For those who wish to immigrate to the United States to invest in the American economy, your franchise consultant has the information necessary and can guide the way to take advantage of this E2 or EB5 investment visa programs.

Did we miss anything?

A franchise consultant works alongside their clients through every step of the way from initial exploration to opening day. If there ever is a question or a resource need, your franchise consultant has the answers for you.

Why do I need a franchise business consultant?

Yes, you can choose to do it alone. Franchise consultants are not a requirement when it comes to exploring franchise opportunities. That being said, I can’t help but mention that there is no cost to the franchisee to work with a franchise consultant. This being the case, it would be unwise to refuse such a gift. We call them a gift because franchise consultants like Hundred Acre Consulting are paid by the franchising companies  to act as an unbiased resource to guide and assist aspiring franchisees through the many steps necessary to get them to the goal of business ownership. If you’ve never purchased a company before, you want a mentor like a franchise consultant at your side, making sure nothing is missed or overlooked as you sail (not struggle) through the process.

Hundred Acre Consulting is honored to be that franchise consultant working with each franchisee. We take great joy and satisfaction in being part of a successful operation that leads to your path to independence. Please read our testimonials page and imagine your own story, front, and center among the other successful franchisees. We are ready for you right now. Contact us to get started!

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