Why Buying a Franchise Could Be the Most Affordable Investment For You
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Why Buying a Franchise Could Be the Most Affordable Investment For You

Have you ever walked into some fitness franchises to realize that there is little more than a nice, clean carpet, some yoga mats, and a mirror? You soon think to yourself, “That’s gotta be a tremendous profit – fast!” Then you start to second-guess yourself, saying that it probably cost a fortune to get into such an opportunity. Well, throw that doubt out the window, because several franchises are incredibly affordable to get involved with and discover your own path to success.

Focus on great ideas

When you start shopping for franchises, look for the big ideas over big equipment. That big equipment is always a considerable investment. I’m not saying it won’t return on that investment at all. If affordability is a concern, however, you may want to look at options that don’t require specialized or expensive equipment.

Specialized fitness

I’m talking beyond the mega-gym experience. I’m thinking of specialized fitness that is focused on one type, such as yoga, barre, or even Crossfit. A yoga studio, for instance, needs some speakers for background music and a clean floor. Mirrors are optional, and most participants will even bring their own mats with them to class.

Crossfit studios are much more resourceful with the equipment options used. Giant tractor tires and large, heavy ropes are perfectly at home as proper fitness equipment. The Crossfit craze has proven to us all that you can strengthen and tone without a weight bench.

If you want a gym-like business, some fitness organizations purposefully have limited equipment and propose members to have designated workout times (appointments). This idea keeps the business owner’s costs down and encourages accountability with set commitments to come and work out.

These are just examples of how a great idea turns into a great business; however, not at a great expense. That is how many fitness operations fall into the affordable franchise category. You get all of the benefits of investing in a proven business model, including training in every aspect of the business, and a formula for success. From in-home coach-trained workouts to stand-alone storefronts, these business models start as little as $75,000. Fitness isn’t the only source of affordable franchises, but the idea rings true that more equipment does equate to a higher cost.

Join an emerging empire

Another suggestion would be to invest in a new franchise just getting off of the ground. These businesses have made it big once, and are pretty confident that they have a recipe for success. It will take more successful franchises following their method to increase their value. Franchises such as these are a smaller investment that is sure to increase as their success levels increase, so getting in early puts you in a beautiful spot. Another advantage is more negotiating power in these young franchises.

Bring an expert

Are you ready to get started? It’s time to contact the experts at Hundred Acre Consulting. Having a franchise consultant like Hundred Acre Consulting by your side makes the entire process of franchising go so smoothly! We assist you in researching and identifying the best matches to consider investing and facilitate introductions. Then, we walk you through the negotiations, financing, and legal details, all at no cost to you.

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