• small business resources
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    3 Small Business Resources for Franchisees

    Many aspiring business owners are drawn towards franchise ownership due to the increased odds of success. After all, franchises have the benefit of providing franchisees with specialized support, a well-known brand name, and an established system of conducting business. However, running a successful franchise still comes with challenges — and many new franchisees don’t realize that there are additional resources…

  • first business venture
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    3 Reasons to Choose a Franchise as Your First Business Venture

    If you’re ready to take the leap and become a business owner, consider franchise ownership as a viable business venture. While startups may sound appealing, they simply don’t compare to the success rate of franchising. In addition, franchisors offer marketing services and ongoing support within an established business model. Due to this, franchise businesses have a 90% higher success rate…

  • Franchise Financing 101: How to Fund Your Business
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    Franchise Financing 101: How to Fund Your Business

    Dreaming of your own business? Finding the proper franchise is often the fun part — imagining yourself at the helm of different endeavors and enjoying the excitement of leaping into a new industry. But the financing and logistics of bringing your vision to life can be tedious. You must account for every detail possible. If you’re struggling to discern which…

  • what risks come with owning a franchise
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    What Risks Come with Owning a Franchise?

    Often, when potential investors are considering which franchise opportunity is best for them, they only think about the unlimited earning potential that comes with owning a franchise. However, there is no reward without risk. Franchisees must weigh the potential challenges they may face and be prepared to meet them head-on. One way to prepare is by meeting with a knowledgeable…

  • Am I Too Young to Be a Franchise Owner?
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    “Am I Too Young to Be a Franchise Owner?”

    Given that the median age of all franchise owners is between the ages of 45 and 54, many younger people are left wondering, “Am I too young to be a franchise owner?” But contrary to popular belief, becoming a franchise owner at a young age has distinct benefits. Most millennials don’t have experience running a business or a robust network…

  • your first year as a franchise owner

    3 Things You Need to Do in Your First Year as a Franchise Owner

    You’ve finally signed the paperwork, and you’re officially a franchise owner. Or perhaps, you’re still in the process of discussing franchise opportunities with a franchise consultant. Either way, you should know that your first year in business as a franchise owner won’t be easy. Franchisors might try to tell you that it’s smooth sailing in the beginning, but the first…

  • Beauty Franchises You Can Run from Home
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    3 Beauty Franchises You Can Run from Home

    As a self-care staple, beauty treatments are essential to the mental health and wellbeing of people from all walks of life. Herein lie lucrative franchise opportunities for eager investors ready to run a beauty business from the comfort of their own homes. Studies predict that the beauty industry will expand to a market value of $805.61 billion by 2023. So…