• How Millennials Will Change Franchising
    General Business

    How Millennials Will Change Franchising

    The franchise industry is stepping into the future. Currently, millennials are aged 25 to 40 and comprise over 28% of franchise owners. So what does this mean for franchising as we know it? Millennials look for very different qualities in the franchises they choose to invest in, and they possess a leadership style that contrasts that of prior generations. As…

  • Alternative Energy Opportunities in the Green Business Movement
    Franchise Exploration

    Green is the New Black

    The last couple of emails have focused on the health & wellness industry and just to tie them into this, guess what has helped push the organic food revolution and the way the fast-casual franchise restaurants gear their menus? Right, fitness and people wanting to be generally healthier. Fitness is a green business ally, and it’s just the beginning. In tribute…