The mission of Hundred Acre Consulting (HAC) is to build community and economic growth.
We do this by helping families and individuals realize their dreams through business ownership.


My personal vision is what started HAC – “Help communities thrive so people feel good about where they live.” When people feel good about where they live, they get involved with their community and that’s when change occurs; that kind of change benefits everyone. This personal vision is at the core of this business.


I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to connect my vision with the work that I do now
and have done throughout my life so far.

Hundred Acre Consulting is a full-service, certified franchise consulting and referral firm serving the US and Canada, with a portfolio of over 800 Franchises and Business Opportunities available in 40+ Industries. Our mission is to build community and economic growth. We do that by helping families and individuals realize their dreams through business ownership


Franchise Opportunities
Representing over 675 of the top-tier franchise and business opportunities in the US & Canada and available in 30 different industries.


Do you want to learn about and explore the franchise industry? Let’s see if business ownership is right for you.


Resales Available
These are Open & Operating established franchises for sale across the US & Canada. Contact us and find out what franchise resales are available in your area.


Business Financing
Find out what funding options are available for your business or start-up.



My job is to help you find the franchise that best fits your goals and lifestyle.

However, the cost of that work isn’t paid by you, it’s paid by the franchisor. To you, I’m free.


Also know that when you contact me via this site our time together can be at your pace and comfort level.

I’m here to help and advise you on your journey.

My name is Daniel Hayes

I am a Certified Franchise Consultant (CFC) and owner of Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC.

My military experience prepared me for a lot but business ownership wasn’t one of those things. I’m very grateful to, and appreciative of, Dan for his guidance along this franchise purchase journey.

Jarred B., Owner

I began looking for another revenue stream a few years ago and eventually turned my attention to having a semi-absentee franchise. Dan was an great mentor along the way, and I wouldn’t have been successful without him.

Sarah D., Franchise Owner

Dan is the best partner to have when looking at franchises. He listens, does a great job explaining the nuances, and helped me find a franchise that makes me happy in addition to making me money.

Janis D., Managing Partner

My Services

Military Veteran to Business Owner

If you are a Veteran, the Franchise Industry offers incentives through the VetFran Program. This program has been officially endorsed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Veterans Enterprise. Find out what is available to you from the franchise and business opportunities we represent.

Find Your Franchise

As a certified franchise consultant (CFT), I help you understand the Franchise Industry and reach your business ownership objectives. I consult, educate, and coach my clients. I introduce them to businesses that best match their background and goals, and I help them determine if becoming a franchisee will attain those goals and is personally a good fit for them.