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The mission of Hundred Acre Consulting (HAC) is to build community and economic growth. We do this by helping families and individuals realize their dreams through business ownership. My personal vision is what started HAC – “Help communities thrive so people feel good about where they live.” I discovered long ago that when people feel good about where they live, they get involved in where they live and that’s when change occurs; that kind of change benefits everyone. This personal vision is at the core of this business.

I feel extremely fortunate to have been able to connect my vision with the work that I do now and have done throughout my life so far. For almost 25 years, I worked as the Executive Director with two different nonprofit organizations helping build community through art, culture, education, music and tourism; all things that strengthen a community economically and aid in overall community pride.

The CEO of Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt, Amit Kleinberger said to me, “The business of Menchie’s is smiles. We just happen to do it by selling yogurt.”

Likewise, the business of Hundred Acre Consulting is building community; I just happen to do it by offering franchise consulting services at no cost, to people exploring their options as business owner.

HAC is a full service Franchise Consulting and Development firm, offering  550 of North America’s leading franchise and business opportunities in 21 industries. That is over 16% of all the franchise companies in America, and I can guide you through them all if necessary. I want to help you find the one that best fits you and your goals for the future.

I do not sell franchises, I empower people and businesses to find one another – more like a broker or a match-maker. Whether it’s working with nonprofits or franchises, the tools of my trade do not change when it comes to you and community. It’s through education, consulting and coaching that I help make dreams become a reality.

Business IdeasBy identifying rock solid opportunities that meet your criteria, I help eliminate the uncertainties involved in starting a business by yourself. I introduce you to proven business models that you can be successful with and feel good about opening up in your community. Wherever your desired market is throughout the U.S. and Canada, Hundred Acre Consulting will find the opportunities that are available in your area of choice and help you obtain your goals.  I can help in many countries internationally as well.

My approach to all this is very simple and straightforward. We talk, and I learn. I learn about your previous experiences and your goals in life. I learn about your strengths and weaknesses, how much you want to budget and where you want to live. Once I know you, your wishes and concerns, I bring you business possibilities. Then when you’re ready to take a serious look at a franchise, I facilitate the introduction between you and the Company and remain by your side throughout the balance of the process. I can provide you with articles and books on franchising, as well as lists of questions to ask potential businesses and current franchisees. I can help you define the steps to take to evaluate business opportunities and how they fit your life. I can also help you connect with funding options, franchise lawyers, and many of other industry resources to further assist you through the process towards franchise ownership.

From the time you begin working with me, to your Discovery Day and throughout the life of your business, you are never doing it alone. I get to equip you in your first steps as you explore and learn about franchises and what is available to you. As a certified SCORE mentor, I can answer questions and guide you all along your way.

Probably the single most famous quote about the franchise industry was said by Ray Kroc, the man behind the McDonald’s Restaurant franchise. He said, “With a franchise, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself.” And he was absolutely right.

Training, mentoring and continued support for as long as you own your business is what comes with franchise ownership.

If you haven’t thought about franchise business opportunities before, here are a few things you may wish to consider:

• It’s a trillion dollar industry
• You can own your own business for as little as $10,000
• Franchising offers new business owners the best chance of succeeding with the least risk.
• Franchising is expected to comprise over 70% of the retail economy within the decade.
• A well-known ‘branded’ business name can bring customers into the business and provide a competitive advantage.
• Franchises will provide business leveraging power, volume purchasing savings and often will assist with real estate expert services.

It will be my pleasure to help you explore the franchise industry and to determine if business ownership is right for you. Whatever level of business experience or acumen you bring to the table, there are businesses out there for you. I work at your pace and help you build confidence in the process by gaining your own knowledge and experience.

You may be surprised to learn what makes a successful business owner and how with the training and support of the franchise, how easily it can be you.

You can do this exploration on your own, but why would you? Whether you use my service or not, the price of the franchise remains the same. Take advantage of the resources HAC can give you and begin taking charge of your future.

Let’s build community together.