Do you feel a yearning for change?
Franchise Exploration

Do you feel a yearning for change?

Tell me if you’ve heard any of this before:

Something happens in your life, whether or not it’s directly related to your job and career. That something leads you to an epiphany that, “I can do so much more than this!

Some of those events may be:

Job loss.
Maybe the company shifted goals and priorities, leaving you the odd one out. Perhaps you and your boss didn’t see eye-to-eye, or it just isn’t a good fit for either of you.

You’ve reached your ceiling.
You are at a point of your career where you will likely stay for a while, if not indefinitely. You may be thinking, “Is this really all there is for me?”

You feel uninspired.
You are working for the money, but getting little satisfaction out of it all.

Whatever the reason, it may be time for a change in your career. Better yet, it may be time for you to carve out your aspirations your way and take control of your destiny.

Face your fears

When you consider making a drastic change, do fears come to mind? It is entirely natural to hold a small amount of apprehension of the unknown. Leaving what you know and do well comes with a degree of risk, but also suggests opportunities for many rewards.

The most common fears are those of failure, lack of resources, and lack of knowledge. Whom do you turn to for questions? Maybe you have an excellent business idea that comes from something you love to do. The problem, however, is that you know nothing about other areas of this business. Who has a solution if something goes awry? These are some very relevant concerns, so there is no need to discount them. Go ahead and write them all down so you may start addressing them as you begin brainstorming.

Most entrepreneurs harbor those same feelings, too. The most significant difference between you and them is that they acted against those fears and gave it everything they could to be successful for themselves instead of someone else.

Ease your fears with Franchise opportunities

If you can think of a business, the chances are that someone else not only thought of it but also became successful. That success is how franchises are born. The entrepreneur has created a repeatable formula of products and practices that spin a recipe for success to anyone else who ventures to open the same kind of business. Their repeatable path to success can become your path, too. They provide training and mentorship in all aspects of the operation to ensure that you are as successful as they are, if not even more than that! How many fears did that override?

Are you ready to explore?

We at Hundred Acre Consulting have over 500 franchisers we work with, helping others succeed just as they did.  We are paid by the franchisers to assist the franchisee through the process of acquiring business ownership. We help you through those hoops and details from financing to opening the doors. Give us a call and describe your ultimate goal in life. Let’s see if we can’t find your perfect match. Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.

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