Re-enter the workforce with a BANG with the help of a franchise
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Re-enter the workforce with a BANG with the help of a franchise

Starting with moms

My first thought about this blog topic was that of the mother that paused her career to start a family. Her little one started Kindergarten, and she is eager to regain her professional footing. Many experience the epiphany that the corporate race is no longer a priority, but as they send their little one off to school, they still yearn for something to fill their day while their little lamb is away. Selecting the perfect franchise business to balance this new life chapter may be the ideal solution.

Not exclusive to moms

That being said, anyone returning to the workforce that is considering a career reset may benefit from starting their own franchise. Whatever the circumstance, life brings us the occasional plot twist. Business ownership is sometimes the perfect solution to combine flexibility and purpose with a sprinkling of profit.

Let’s explore some scenarios:

Mom may no longer be enthusiastic about the hardline 8am – 5pm schedule. Now with multiple schedules to maintain (herself and her children), flexibility would be appreciated in her life to accommodate everyone’s needs. A semi-absentee franchise or something that she could work remotely with a flexible schedule might be the perfect fit. If she has strong corporate experience, perhaps professional coaching is a great match.

Another scenario may be a displaced worker looking for a change. Perhaps they are disillusioned by their experience not being what they thought, or the career is not as fulfilling as they hoped. Many will continue and push on (if they still have the job) and only dream of any drastic change. In the event of displacement, however, this could be the closing of a door and the opening of a window. Why not seize that opportunity? This person’s family circumstances are unchanged like the Mom, however, like her, they may also appreciate an opportunity for flexibility. They may also take the chance to “make their mark” and jump into something gung-ho. It’s all about options, and now is the perfect time to consider them all.

Whichever the scenario, an aspiring franchisee soon realizes that a proven path to success will bring a much stronger return than starting the career climb from the beginning again.

But funding?Passive Income and How You Can Benefit

Don’t think that your opportunities are only limited by the numbers on the bank statement. You may be pleasantly surprised to discover how many organizations and programs are out there to ease this burden or at the very least, help clear a path. There is even an organization to help Veterans acquire franchises! The best way to navigate through funding is to find someone who is a source of information on the topic.

Hundred Acre Consulting at your service

We are just that source of information for you! As a certified franchise consulting service, we consult to you, the franchisee, and are paid by the franchisers to guide you through the path to business ownership. We have a portfolio of over 500 different franchise opportunities to choose from in 21 various industries at varying levels of investment. There is bound to be something that strikes your interest and inspires you to learn more. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you take this next step.

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