How to boost employee morale during tough times

How to Boost Employee Morale During Tough Times

Every business goes through hard times, and it’s an inevitable part of being a business owner. But when those times hit, it can take a toll on your employees and impact their morale. It’s your responsibility to keep your team happy, hopeful, and afloat. They look to you to lift their spirits, ease their minds, and inspire them to keep pushing. We have some tips to help boost employee morale during tough times and when it’s smooth sailing.


Be Transparent with Your Employees

No one likes to be lied to or be kept in the dark, especially your employees. Being transparent with them is the quickest way to earn trust from your team and build morale. When you keep them in the know, they feel an increased sense of responsibility to help the company succeed and meet its goals. And with this company investment, they become more engaged, proud, and less likely to jump ship at the sign of rough waters.


Take an Interest in Their Wellbeing

A significant sign of a great employer is the genuine interest they take in their employees’ wellbeing. It’s probably the easiest way to inspire employee morale. This means taking the time to talk to them individually and experiencing them as a person and not just an employee. Touch base regularly, even when your team isn’t under duress. And be sure to be open to discussions about their mental health. It’s just as important as their physical health.


Ask Your Employees How You Can Help

There are two ways you can ask this question. You can ask your team what they need from you on a business or career development level and what they need from you on a personal level. Fostering actual bonds with your employees is an excellent way to show you care and ultimately boost employee morale. The key is to be genuine with your inquiry and listen to what they share.


Encourage Employees to Take Time Off

Trying to push through when you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted only causes more harm to your overall health. Just ask 71 percent of American adults who report at least one symptom of stress. If your company has the ability, give your employees gift cards coupons tailored to their interests to help them relax. Encouraging your employees to take time for themselves is an impactful way to reinforce that your employees are more than just people who work for you. And an added benefit is that it boosts employee morale, too.


Focus on Employee Strengths

Allowing your team to thrive in areas where they excel gives your employees a sense of purpose and duty. Go the extra mile and provide them with feedback and praise or share stories of their accomplishments. And don’t be afraid to incorporate their talents in ways outside of work. If a team member has a knack for organization, enlist their help in scheduling virtual or socially distanced outings for the team to rekindle those lost connections.



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