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4 Challenges of Owning a Semi-Absentee Franchise

If you are looking to invest in a new business model, you may be thinking owning a semi-absentee franchise is a win-win. You can invest your money into a business that comes with a limited time commitment and continue with your career. However, there are unique challenges that come with owning a semi-absentee franchise.

Investing in a franchise is a critical business decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. To help guide potential franchisees on their path to franchise ownership, we’ve brought together a list of the most common challenges that new semi-absentee franchise owners will face. This information will allow you to start on your journey armed with information to be successful no matter what type of franchise you choose to open.



Wait, What is a Semi-Absentee Franchise?

Owning a semi-absentee franchise is not your typical business opportunity. These businesses, plainly speaking, allow you to be semi-absent so you can spend more time thinking about expanding your business or working a day job instead of being inside the company running it. It is a dream business venture for those interested in a passive income! Popular semi-absentee franchises include gyms, laundromats, and even vending machines.


Challenge #1: You Have to Find Reliable Staff

To spend less time in your business, you need to have reliable and competent staff to take care of daily operations. This includes an experienced manager who can handle any issues that may arise, so you don’t have to. Because you won’t be checking in on their every move, you also need trustworthy employees, which can be more challenging than it sounds.


Challenge #2: You Have to Delegate

The definition of this type of franchise is that you have limited involvement. For some, this is a significant challenge of owning a semi-absentee franchise. If you like to have your hands in every aspect of the business and prefer to micromanage, this isn’t the type of business for you. You have to feel comfortable delegating tasks to your staff and building confidence to get the job done.


Challenge #3: Establishing Effective Communication

When you’re not involved in the daily operations of your business, communication becomes crucial. It is important because it tends to be the first thing that suffers. First, you need to establish clear expectations of your staff and yourself as an owner. Your employees also need constant feedback about their performance and clear channels for sharing pertinent information with you.


Challenge #4: Finding a Balance

Entrepreneurs that choose semi-absentee franchises typically do so with the idea that they can continue their current career or invest in a multi-unit franchise opportunity. The goal with this particular type of franchise is that you can work as little as ten hours a week and still be successful, but this will vary from company to company and owner to owner.

It is vital in the beginning to work toward finding a proper balance between your new franchise and your existing commitments. You don’t want your new franchise to suffer, but you also want to ensure the other obligations in your life get handled accordingly.



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