6 Franchises That Survived the Pandemic: Your Top Investment Choices for 2021
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6 Franchises That Survived the Pandemic: Your Top Investment Choices for 2021

2020 and the global pandemic were not kind to people’s wallets. Financial difficulties touched people in almost every industry across the world. Still, some franchises thrived during the pandemic by adapting. As we push into the second half of 2021, those looking for franchise investment opportunities might still be nervous. To help boost your confidence in business ownership, we’ve found six franchises that have not only survived the pandemic but are also continuing to grow. If you are looking for franchises that survived the pandemic, here are a few investments worth a second look at.




Nobody adjusted to the pandemic quite as Domino’s did. They took one look at the pandemic and quickly looked for ways to adapt and provide excellent customer service. Domino’s sales took off after introducing concepts like contactless delivery and car side pick-up, where an employee places orders in people’s trunks. Domino’s sales in the US increased 16% in the last quarter of 2020 and continue to show exponential growth in 2021. If you are looking for a successful franchise that’s sure to adapt and profit no matter what the world throws at it, Domino’s is a top choice.



In 2020, the need to keep yourself clean and safe became more critical than ever. Furthermore, businesses looking to follow social distancing requirements wanted a straightforward way to tell the public. Enter FASTSIGNS, a franchise that handles signage and business printing needs. They grew during the pandemic and have continued to grow through 2021 as the need for signage holds steady. Without a doubt, they are more than worthy to be on our list of franchises that survived the pandemic.



Servpro is one of the largest franchisors of cleaning and restoration in the United States. It’s no surprise that they brought in more than $300 million in pandemic-related cleaning sales in 2020 alone. But the need for cleaning supplies and protecting ourselves from germs is far from over. The pandemic traumatized us in many ways, and its effects will be long-lasting. People still fear the emergence of another pandemic in the future and want to stay germ-free. The need for a clean and safe environment makes franchises like Servpro an intelligent choice.



While the restaurant industry took a massive hit because of the pandemic, many franchises adapted quickly and used the changes from the COVID-19 guidelines to their benefit. Wingstop is one of the franchises that survived the pandemic by adapting and adapting well. They currently have 1400 locations in the United States, and their sales shot up a whopping 28% in 2020 compared to previous years. How did they do it? They adapted to the needs of contactless delivery while maintaining food quality. They also continue to grow and are an excellent choice for new franchise owners.



Nostalgia-inducing company Cerealphoria became a franchise in 2020, during the height of the pandemic. They took America’s love of cereal, paired it with milkshakes, and turned it into a new type of restaurant. When the pandemic hit, they rebranded and changed how they received their customers, and surprise, it worked. Cerealphoria became one of the franchises that survived the pandemic, and they cite their adaptation during this time as proof they offer customized solutions for future franchisees.


Biscuit Belly

Another 2020 created franchise, Biscuit Belly, is backed by some well-known investors, including Papa John’s founder. Biscuit Belly is based on the southern love of biscuits and gravy. What gives them an edge is that there are very few franchises that offer a similar concept. Despite the pandemic, their sales didn’t suffer. They are hoping to grow to 25 stores by the end of the year.


Hundred Acre Consulting

Despite the hardships that everyone faced last year, many franchises continue to thrive and grow their empire. The success seen during the pandemic is just one of many examples as to why franchises are a fantastic investment for entrepreneurs looking to be successful. They are virtually pandemic proof!

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