Franchise Broker – Franchise Consultant

With a portfolio of over 550 franchises available in 21 industries, Hundred Acre Consulting, LLC, is a full-service, certified franchise consulting and referral organization serving the United States and Canada. Our purpose is to foster community and economic development by assisting families and individuals in realizing their aspirations of owning a business.

As a certified franchise consultant (CFT), I assist you in gaining a better understanding of the franchise industry and achieving your business ownership goals. My clients benefit from my advice, education, and coaching. I expose them to businesses that are a good fit for their background and ambitions, and I assist them in determining whether becoming a franchisee will help them achieve those goals and is a good fit for them personally.

My approach differs from the norm in that I want to concentrate on my clients’ lifestyle goals and financial objectives. I assist my clients in determining whether franchising is a viable option for achieving their absolutes and objectives, and if so, which business models will get them there. For me, the why comes first, followed by the how. The third factor is what the company does.

I started consulting in the nonprofit, entertainment, and franchising businesses in early 2008. Since 1983, I’ve been coaching existing and rising enterprises and organizations in both the private and public sectors, focusing on business and business development and assisting in the creation of economic and community development.

About us

I do not sell franchises. Hundred Acre Consulting is a full-service, certified franchise consulting and development agency with more than eight years of experience advising customers on franchise matters.

In two terms, I describe my method as “strategic planning.”

It’s the result of years in the public sector, and it’s designed to assist my clients in determining their lifestyle goals and objectives, as well as locating firms that fulfill those requirements. I look for franchise opportunities that offer a genuine chance to achieve those objectives and present them in a way that makes it simple to decide if they are a suitable fit.

I can assist you in obtaining the stability and security of owning an established brand with a proven and successful model, whether you are a seasoned business owner looking to expand your portfolio or a new business owner seeking the stability and security of owning an established brand with a proven and successful model.

It’s all about locating a company that offers a reasonable chance of long-term success and satisfaction. To put it another way, it’s all about you.

Are you still hesitating? Hear from my previous customers!

“Dan was a tremendous help to me at a time in my life when I was making a career change. He took the time to really understand my needs and wants, brought many relevant ideas to the table, and ultimately helped me decide on a path forward. In my observation, “passion for helping others” is what really drives Dan’s efforts. Thanks Dan! – Jason Test, Orange County, CA

“It has definitely been a great adventure in learning about franchises and finding the one “just right” for Christopher and me. You were able to take our profiles and truly do your work. You were available at every aspect of the process. As this is just the beginning for our business, we feel confident in the decisions we have made thus far with your consultation, advice, and support.” – Loretta Gomez and Christopher Gomez, Texas City, TX

“Daniel has been great to work with. Something that is most valuable when qualifying a candidate is to have the Franchisor and the Consultant on the same page, working the back side of the qualifying process together, and rowing the boat in the same direction. Daniel has excelled in this. Also, Daniel’s in-depth approach to the education of his clients is evident in every person he has introduced to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition. The bank of knowledge they show not only about our Franchise but the Franchise Industry as a whole, is refreshing. It is a level of professionalism that we really appreciate from Daniel and Hundred Acre Consulting.” – Tom Sampson, Senior Franchise Info Coordinator, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition


  • Franchise resales – Consider a franchise resale if you’ve always wanted to own a successful and proven branded business but needed one that was already up and running to make the transition. Another option for transitioning from your current job to a new one is to purchase an established and operating franchise. A franchise resale can provide the best of both worlds for ambitious entrepreneurs: a well-branded and profitable firm with proven clients and cash flow.

Why Hundred Acre Consulting

Hundred Acre Consulting’s (HAC) purpose is to foster community and economic development. We accomplish this by assisting families and individuals in realizing their aspirations of owning a business. “Help communities develop so people feel good about where they live,” was my own vision when I founded HAC. People get interested in where they live when they feel good about where they live, and that’s when change happens; that type of change benefits everyone. This company was founded on a personal vision.

You will never be on your own from the moment you start working with me until your Discovery Day and throughout the life of your business. I get to help you get started as you research and learn about franchises and what options are available to you. As a trained SCORE mentor, I can answer your questions and walk you through the process.

Franchise ownership includes training, coaching, and ongoing support for as long as you own your firm.

If you haven’t considered franchise business options previously, here are some things to think about:

  • It’s a trillion-dollar market • For as little as $10,000, you may start your own company.
  • Franchising provides new business owners with the best chance of success while assuming the least amount of risk.
  • Within a decade, franchising is estimated to account for more than 70% of the retail business.
  • A well-known ‘branded’ business name can attract clients and provide you a competitive advantage; • Franchises offer business leveraging power, volume purchasing discounts, and often real estate professional services.