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This franchise is going to the dogs (and other pets, but mostly dogs)

We go today from crime and trauma clean-up in the last email to Chow and Terrier clean-up in this one. Let’s discuss Pets – the 7th largest industry in America. The Pet Industry in the U.S. is booming at over $70 Billion. It is expected to grow to an astounding $110 Billion in the next five years. That’s a lot of pet lovers spending money and making money. What do you think? Let’s explore…

Pet franchises

The Pet Industry has been steadily growing at a rate of 6-7% per year for decades. Half of all households in this country own a dog and 70% of all households have some type of pet that they care for. And yet, it is one of the most fragmented of all major industries that we have – and there are very few national players in this field.

Different strokes for different folks (dogs)

The franchise industry recognizes all of this and has produced some of the most lucrative business models available. Offering an assortment of options including “Whole Foods” type stores for pets, and self-service pet washing stations. We even have luxury pet hotels that pamper pets with resort-style vacations and doggie daycare.

You may be saying to yourself, resort vacations for Fido? Are you kidding? But the reality is that people treat their pets like family. They want to pamper and treat them well. These daycares, spas, boarding, and grooming services for pets are exploding in the market and there is no sign of it stopping. In fact, in the last recession we had, the pet industry grew by a whopping 8%.

Big business in grooming

So, here’s one to think about – pet grooming. But not just your run of the mill, put mister bighead on a table and spray him down with soapy water; no. I’m talking about one that comes to you. I am talking about a home-based, green business, that brings the salon to the pet. This state-of-the-art van pampers the dog or cat in a heated hydro-bath, and a 15-step grooming maintenance process. Oh yeah, Fluffy comes out fluffy, alright.

This business shows that 80-90% of your clients repeat with you every six weeks and at an average fee of over $88 per appointment. No cold calls in this business. As the owner, you receive from the company a customized multi-faceted website, integrated Google and ad words campaigns, Pay Per Click, and social media networking, as well as traditional marketing vehicles such as coupons, direct mail, local networking, newspaper advertisements, and e-cards. Plus, those vans parked in a driveway or in front of a house, do quite a bit for the word of mouth advertising that will go on in a neighborhood.

Pick your flavor

Whether it’s a storefront, a grooming service, or a luxury pet-boarding hotel, this industry is not to be ignored. If you’d like to learn more, I have ten different models that range in price from $65,000 – $1.27mil that we can talk about.

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