What Is a Semi-Absentee Business?
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What Is a Semi-Absentee Business?

A semi-absentee business is one that can be started and run while still maintaining other obligations. Semi-absentee ownership typically requires 10 to 15 hours a week of time investment.

Ownership of a semi-absentee business affords additional income to diversify current income streams and builds equity; while allowing the owner to keeping a day job. The owner hires managing staff for the day-to-day operations and then focuses on leading the business strategy and managing the managers. This type of franchise is a good fit for those who are good people managers. No industry knowledge is necessary because you hire managers with the necessary knowledge.

Perhaps the greatest advantage of being a semi-absentee owner is the opportunity to own multiple units of a franchise. Franchisees that aren’t working “in the business” can spend more time working “on the business,” managing managers, overseeing marketing and other key areas, and growing additional units. This franchise model combines the control of an owner/operator model with the time commitment of the executive/absentee model. For many franchisees, this is an attractive and rewarding proposition.

One trade-off in semi-absentee ownership, is a longer development time regarding the generation of income, compared to a full-time endeavor. Obviously, the more involved an owner is with a business initially, the faster the ramp-up of the business.

If this type of business model appeals to you, Hundred Acre Consulting offers a selection of 235 semi-absentee/passive income models, in twenty-one different industries. A semi-absentee business can be purchased for as little as $40,000 for a residential pools franchise, to as much as 3 million for a complete turn-key restaurant-lounge/bowling alley.

If you would like to explore your options, simply get in touch with me. We can discuss options that are available in your area, that fit your budget and that help creates that lifestyle you are looking to attain by adding another income stream to your finances.


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