6 Ways to Market Your Franchise Business

6 Ways to Market Your Franchise Business

Marketing is one of the main pillars of success in the franchising industry. It increases brand awareness and increases the number of franchisee applicants you receive. However, this path to success requires consistency and a focused effort to establish a profitable brand and business model that others then want to invest in. Below, we discuss six ways to market your franchise business and reel in new business.




There was a time when newspapers and magazines were the primary sources for advertising. Today, advertising opportunities are more robust. It’s crucial to understand that if you’re aiming to increase the number of franchisees who sign up with you, you have to have a strong ad campaign. The more innovative your ad campaigns are, the better your Return on Investment (ROI) will be. So, when creating ads to market your franchise business, we highly recommend you include outlets like TV and radio, billboards, and the always present website ad.



Build Your Online Presence

These days, it’s all about the internet. Having an online presence is a must if you want to market your franchise business. Start by adding your franchise and brand to as many listing sites as you can find but be sure to be strategic. Not every listing you come across is worth adding your franchise to. As you search for sites, take the time to vet them and make sure your information is getting in front of those who are looking for a business.



Use Social Media

In the same vein of building an online presence, marketing through social media is a new favorite way to market your franchise business. In recent years, social media has grown into an incredibly useful marketing tool. In franchising, you can use it to market to future franchisees looking for leads and use it to boost your brand’s authority in the industry.


A bonus is that as your franchise grows, each branch or location can have its own social media account, which is a cost-efficient way for you to expand your network and increase your reach.



Invest in Content

Another way to market your franchise business is through content marketing. Through it, you can target specific audiences while building a relationship with them. The most common use of content marketing is writing blogs that cover topics that interest your target audience. However, to get the best results, you have to diversify the content you offer by posting a mix of written, audio, image, and video content to engage readers.


By creating catchy and relevant article titles, including commonly searched keywords, you boost your SEO. With it, your franchise can rank higher in local Google searches, increase the franchisee prospects you receive on your site, and establish your brand as an authority in the local market.


Word of Mouth

Few marketing strategies are more powerful than word of mouth. As consumers, we love to recommend things to each other and there’s no one we trust more than our friends, family, and the experience of others. We suggest leaning into this method to market your franchise business to potential franchisees. By encouraging people to spread the word through incentivizing and inspiring them, you increase brand awareness, recognition, and loyalty. It even lends itself to fostering a trustworthy relationship with your community.


Direct Mail

Sure, sending out postcards by snail mail is still a much used and successful strategy for attracting potential franchisees, but thanks to the internet, your reach can extend that much further. They say that the best marketing is when the customer can’t tell when they’re marketed to. And with email, you can communicate with potential franchisees faster than before, while keeping your marketing efforts subtle. You can send out e-newsletters and enroll your leads in drip campaigns to continue marketing to them as they move through their buyer’s journey.



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